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Our Dream & Houseboat Insurance - difficulty in getting our boat insured?

by Wanna-be-Houseboater

Difficult getting houseboat insurance for house boats?

Difficult getting houseboat insurance for house boats?

My husband and I have dreamed of owning a houseboat for years and have finally come to the point of being able to do it, but we are running into problems trying to get insurance and it seems to be because we live in Louisiana.

I am sure this is due to the risks involved with the hurricanes, even though we would move ours to a small nearby canal in the event of one (husband says we can ride it out on the boat - but I'm yet to be convinced of that)!

Anyone know of any companies that are still writing policies on houseboats in Louisiana? And if so, any tips on keeping the rates down?

We don't mind high deductibles and limited coverage - just something to keep us from going under if the boat were to sink or catch fire.

Any tips would be appreciated, because if we can't get insurance then I guess we are just "ship out of luck."

Thanks for your input!

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Reply - Answer
Welcome to the houseboat forums, and sorry to hear about your difficulties in getting reasonable rates for houseboat insurance.

You may want to have a look at our houseboat insurance page to get some company names and some information to help you out.

I also imagine that with our thousands of readers, someone in Louisiana will post some tips and contacts that will help you in getting your boat properly insured for reasonable rates.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat insurance experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Our Dream & Houseboat Insurance - difficulty in getting our boat insured?

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Available insurers
by: Coastal Casualty Insurance

I can across this forum searching for something else and just to let you know I do have about 4 unpowered houseboats in South LA insured. If they are powered its even easier to insure. Call my agency at 985 532 5355.

Houseboat Insurance - I found some, but not cheap.
by: WakeZone

I had the same problems finding houseboat insurance about three years ago. NO ONE would cover anything in Louisiana much less in tidal waters.

I did however finally find coverage with Port Side Yacht Center. They have covered me ever since. It costs me $4000/Year for $150,000 of coverage. It's better than nothing!

Can't find houseboat insurance in Louisiana
by: Darlene

I live in Louisiana and found the perfect houseboat, made an offer, found a marina then couldn't get it insured. Now I'm stuck paying for a year of marina fees, and no boat!

Please if anyone knows of anyone writing houseboat insurance for Slidell Louisiana please let me know.

Houseboat Insurance Options
by: Pam LaFollette

I'd like to add two suggestions regarding houseboat insurance:

1. Check out the website of the boat shows nearest you. The site should have a list of exhibitors, among whom will be insurance companies.

2. Check out the website of the International Houseboat Fest exhibitor list. Several insurance companies on this list deal with houseboats specifically.

Best of Luck, Pam LaFollette, Sales Manager

Reply - Answer
Pam, thanks for sharing those are excellent tips for getting some houseboat insurance.

IAN from

Louisiana houseboat insurance not in the cards.
by: Bob TheRiot

I know what you are talking about, I have Allstate for three cars, a truck and my home, Progressive for my motorcycle, but can't get insurance for my houseboat. Someone is missing the boat.


An update on Louisiana houseboat insurance
by: Wanna -be- Houseboater

Just wanted to update. We finally got someone who would insure us. For a mere, $10,595 a year (oh, if I become a member I can save $19 !!) we can receive coverage for a $47,000 boat.

The above was not a typo, as that is what we thought when we received the quote. So..... it's not looking good. We do still have a couple of other folks that we are waiting to hear from with quotes.

If nothing comes through, we will just have to see it as God's providence that a houseboat is just not in the picture for us at this time! Thanks for the response above - we will try that company too!

Getting Houseboat Insurance in Louisiana
by: Old Houseboater

A fellow in Denham Springs LA has Liberty Mutual.

This is a concern of a lot of people, please keep us up to date.

Good Luck

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