Mercury Mercruiser Outdrive Sterndrive Identification on a houseboat

by Dave
(Davenport, IA)

An older generation Mercury sterndrive

An older generation Mercury sterndrive

We are trying to identify the Mercury or Mercruiser sterndrive that is on the houseboat. The boat is a 1970 or so Gibson 36 with a Mercruiser 225HP 302 motor in it. The out drive needs to be replaced due to electrolysis and so here we go...

First things first though. What is the outdrive currently on it?? It's marked Mercury, but thats all I have to go on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Dave from Davenport, IA

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Well, Dave, congratulations on posting your photos and question in the houseboat forums.

In the early days of Mercruiser, the outdrives were labelled MERCURY with not much else on the outdrive. I am going to say it is one of the "1st generation" Alpha outdrives, but I could be mistaken.

Surely, some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their houseboat and MERCURY & MERCRUISER related experiences and tips.

Feel free to use the "click here to post comments" link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from All About Houseboats

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Comments for Mercury Mercruiser Outdrive Sterndrive Identification on a houseboat

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Mercury 225
by: Louie

It is difficult to tell from your pictures, but if the drive seems larger than most other Mercruiser drives you have seen, it is a TR model.

These are heavy duty drives that were used for racing and also for houseboats and large cruisers. Parts can be very hard to find.

The corrosion seen on your drive is the weak spot for TR drives and very typical. Try Ebay for parts. Good luck!

Let your fingers do the walking
by: Anonymous

Check out the internet:

I found these in a few minutes.
I'm sure there are tons more.

Good Hunting

Old outdrive
by: Captain Ray

It should have a transmission ahead of it. It is an old direct drive mercuiser. No shifting in outdrive.

Mercruiser stern drive ID
by: Cleve Turner

The stern drive pictured is a Mercury/Mercruiser TR/TRS stern drive. My guess is that it is mated to a Mercury MercTrans II electric shift transmission (trans could also be cable shift.

KC Marine in Bellingham Washington has the world supply of these stern drives, transmissions and repair parts.

Lots of older fishing boats in the Pacific Northwest have this combo. My 1975 Gibson 42 had two of these.

Mercruiser drive
by: Kenton

That appears to be a TRS outdrive. It will have a transmission behind the engine and there are no shifting components in the drive itself.
Hope that helps.

Time for an upgrade
by: Anonymous

Tough to tell from the pics, but I'd guess either an MC-1 or an R drive.

In any case, if you've got the budget, upgrade to an Alpha. The early drives had brittle shafts that don't take much to shear, leaving you stranded. Ask me how I know...

Customer Service
by: Dennis R.

I’ve had very good experiences talking directly with Mercruiser Customer Service

There’s an online form or a phone number to contact them directly. I’ve always found the folks at Mercury more than eager to help in anyway possible.

Here’s the phone number: 920-929-5040.

Good Luck!

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