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L'il Hobo 30' Trailerable Houseboat - great boat to travel, eat, sleep, fish

sampling of L'il Hobo Trailerable Houseboats

sampling of L'il Hobo Trailerable Houseboats

We used to have a 20' pontoon boat and loved it other then it wasn't set up to be able to sleep overnight. We used to pull a tarp over the bimini top and sleep but a lot of extra work.

So we started looking for small houseboats. Not too many around that caught our eye. We found a L'il Hobo and bought it. Redid the upholstery and tuned and cleaned it up a bit. We just put it out in the water a week ago.

Sitting out on the calm water enjoying your dinner, and then retiring to a warm place to sleep. Getting up in the morning, have a wash, and enjoy the beauty around you, catch a couple of fish before breakfast.

It doesn't get much better then that. Now that's what I call living. It is so easy to maneuver around and with an 80 hp Yamaha 4 stroke you can barely hear it running, and very good on fuel.

We would never sell it. So if you're thinking about buying one go for it.

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I can understand what you mean, there's nothing better than being out on a boat, any day is a great day out fishing.

The advantages of trailerable houseboats are that they can be pulled out just about anywhere, and are great for couples who want to explore. Glad to hear that you're enjoying her.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their trailerable houseboat experiences and travels.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for L'il Hobo 30' Trailerable Houseboat - great boat to travel, eat, sleep, fish

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Launching problem?
by: Anonymous

We just purchased a used Little Hobo and just love it, except we are having problems with it taking on water in the part of the toons that house the holding tanks. Anyone else having this problem? We Tow it with a one ton dually. When we launch it,the back end goes deep into the water and I think that is when it takes on the water. We are using a pretty steep ramp and wonder if it would be better using a less steep ramp?

Lil hobo
by: Tim Besser

Me and my wife are going to pick up a 30’ Lil hobo today

truck towing lil hobo
by: Anonymous

bigger truck is better. I have a 1999 f250 7.3 dl pulls super easy. 1991 hobo with new 70hp 4stk Yamaha

I want to buy one of these
by: Frank Smith

How do I find out where these boats are located. I am heading out in May to locate a trailerable house boat


7500 pounds
by: Toocanooz

Mine Hobo weighs in at 7500 lbs, fueled and ready for the water. I pulled it home with a Dodge full size window van with a 318 v-8 and that was clearly not enough.

So I immediately replaced the van with a Dodge dually sporting a cummins diesel and now we travel in comfort with no worries even on the big hills.

I also put brand new electric brakes top to bottom on the trailer so it stops well. Hope that gives you some sort of basis for comparison.

I don't have much knowledge on the Toyota Tundra other than they look like a tough truck. I'm not sure of tongue weight but it is substantial.

I agree..boat to travel, eat, sleep and fish
by: Seon

Not a Lil Hobo but I just bought a 26' Yukon Delta trailerable house boat. Will need a little tweaking but hope to be cruising the Sacramento Delta within a next week or two.

New Hoboist
by: Toocanooz

Agree with all the other comments and had to add my 2 cents worth of experience.

My Hobo is a 1995 model she weighs in at 7200 pounds ready to hit the water. Tongue weight is "Heavy" and will be an important factor for anyone choosing a puller unit for a Hobo.

I started with a full ton 360 c.i. Dodge 15 passenger van with the seats removed that I previously used to pull my bass boat around. However, we quickly realized a Hobo ain't no bass boat and replaced the van with a Dodge 3500 dually with the Cummins diesel.

The truck pulls the Hobo as effortlessly as the van pulled the little boat. It's very stable and sure footed going down the road especially in strong crosswinds when you usually have less than a foot of unoccupied space in your lane.

I attribute much of the stability to the fact that we rebuilt the trailer with brand new electric brakes on all 4 wheels and in addition rebuilt the truck brakes at the same time.

In addition, the set back axles mean you have to give some consideration to how you negotiate it around parking lots and at 13 ft. 2 inches to the top of the A/C unit you need to pay attention to your route and do a little planning ahead to avoid low railroad underpasses and the like.

Overall, like most of the other commenters we love Toocanooz and would never sell her unless (or until) we have a new one custom built someday.

Larger Catamaran Cruiser Differences
by: Alan Schaaf

We also enjoy our 12x35. It is super stable, lots of room to move around and share space with guests.

The only downside is we would like to use the boat other places and of course it is too big to trailer.

We are located at Doctor's Lake Marina in Orange Park.

Hope to see you and your boat in the future.


30' Lil Hobo trailerable houseboat
by: She&I

We also bought a used Lil Hobo that needed a lot of fixing up and 3 months later it was done. We are like you, will never sell it now as it is perfect for us.

We are not stuck on one lake and get to see many more places. It is perfect for two. We retire in two months and can't wait to get going.

Lil' Hobo
by: Kyle

What do they weigh? Can I tow one with a V8 half ton Toyota Tundra which can pull 10,400 lbs

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