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KingsCraft Houseboat sleeping area

by WDNewman
(Ridgeland, MS., USA)

Sleeping area, 1973 Kingscraft Houseboat 44'

Sleeping area, 1973 Kingscraft Houseboat 44'

The KingsCraft houseboats are an all aluminum construction with a good design. They are highly regarded for strength and durability. Anyone else have one?

Thanks, WDNewman from Ridgeland MS

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Hi WDNewman, welcome to the houseboat forums.

I agree with you, the KingsCraft were indestructible and excellent planing houseboats. Their design allowed for plenty of room & storage.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their related KingsCraft houseboat experiences and tips.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for KingsCraft Houseboat sleeping area

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55' KC houseboat
by: Kerri

I have always wanted to live on a houseboat and think I have found what I am looking for.
But.. it needs a total re-do inside, flooring, walls, wiring, everything. The motor and hull are in great condition (although I still need to research this).

Can anyone share their wealth of knowledge about what a ball park figure would be on cost. And can someone send me their pictures at

I would greatly appreciate any info or a certain website for research. I want to live on this houseboat, Im 55 and ready to follow my dream.

Kingscraft cruisers
by: Mike B

In this thread a gentleman asks about KC 36’ cruisers. I worked at KC in Florence Alabama in the early 70s building the interiors. When I was there we had two manufacturing lines for production. One line produced 36’ cruisers, 35 and 40’ Houseboats. The other line produced 44 and 55 foot houseboats. The prettiest boat I ever worked on was a 36’ cruiser with the entire interior done in teakwood. Teakwood paneling and trim. Beautiful boat, it was maxed out in every way. The most unusual were the two 55’ boats we built for shipment to Hong Kong to be used as floating casinos. For the times a lot of great long lasting boats came out of that plant.
Mike B

1970 Kingscraft ,Astor FL
by: Ron and Karen

We purchased this KC in 2002 from a woman in Astor,FL. She gave us the original paperwork, brochures & previous owners info. The 1st owner was in Kentucky on the Ohio River. His dream was to go down the Mississippi River. He fulfilled his dream in 1990 then sold it to a Doctor in the Panhandle of Fl. The new owner did a complete engenie rebuild, new generator, refrig, ac on roof and exteriir paint. We have pictures.
He sold it later to the woman we purchased it from. It weathetedc Hurricane Opal in the 1990's and was home to her children whose house was too damaged. Later she had it trucked here to Astor. We have owned her for 18 years. We have taken her up the St. Johns tp Jacksonville and down to the Florida Keys. We have put 1200 hous on those 1992 rebuilt emgines and have done 8 bottom jobs. We have original galley & dinette. We have spruced up the interior with new vinyl plank floors and trim and covered the panelled walls with white pvc sheating. We ditched the generator and have gone solar. No AC needed in Florida. Refrig 1 on Battery 1 on Propane. Ditched the head and have porta potty.
We use her and love her but have pitting from electralosis from the Tannic Acid in St Johns. We use E-2000 for bottom and pained the entire boat white with Gripper Primer. Its amazing durable and works great on decks.
We have friends the always want to buy her. We will not sell. Why are they so cheap when the structure and durabilty is so good?

by: Jesse

Hello there. My name is Jesse. I have 1974 kingcraft 55 foot that is 100% original. And in mint condition. I have all the factory documentation including wiring diagrams and the engine repair books. If you need any information for your kingcraft I'll be more than happy to help. Unfortunately I have no way of sending the entire manuals. I have not quite figured out how to scan them and upload them yet. But if you need something specific feel free to contact me and I can text or email any information that you need.
701-226-5014 Jesse

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your kingcraft

1975 KC 55ft:) Just purchased looking to remodel and enjoy!
by: Aubry


I’d love any info anyone can share about these boats. We bought this boat without a survey, I know I’ve been told we are stupid already, so no need to say it again;) but I’m interested to hear from anyone who has any experience with the original system on board to combat the pitting issue created by electrolysis on the hull? Manuals or advice before we get started.
I’d love any pictures of remodels folks can share or tips going into the project.
My email is
Thanks so much!!:)

by: 74 55' house boat

I have all the original manuals & doucments for my 74 Kings Craft 55' house boat. Let me know if anyone needs info. My name is Jesse call or text 701-226-5014. Email

Greatest boats ever! I will never sell mine so please don't ask!

kingscraft but cruiser
by: vin

im looking at a mid 70s kingscraft. i cannot find any info on this type of kingscraft. its a cruiser style, 36 ft double cabin. its def not a houseboat.
it is aluminum hull, with the dual mopar engines..
does anyone know if they made cruisers, or perhaps it may be under a diff builder?
im stumped, i cannot find any kingscraft in any forums or online w this style kingscraft.
any info would be appreciated,,,
thank you

1971 Kings Craft named Harmony
by: Anonymous

I liked finding this page, as my wife Kelly and I have had a 44ft for 8 years or so. They are good old boats, as ours had a lot done to it before we became the proud owners.

We have been taking good care of her since, its had lots of painting and so forth.

We keep and enjoy it here on the Mississippi River near Clinton IA.

Thank you from one boater to the next.

Kings Craft Interior
by: Anonymous

Looking for KC owners that plan to remodel the interior of their boat and don't plan to reuse original parts ( front lounge/settee, couch, dinette set, bunk beds, counter tops with wood rails, upper cabinets, etc...).

If you don't want them, I can use them.

Kingscraft information
by: 44' kc Washington dc

Would love to have email contacts to share Kingscraft information. If anyone knows or has a list of Kingscraft owner manuals, I would love to hear from you!
Thanks, Ray

The best place for anyone to share their Kingscraft owners manual (or brochures) etc... is to share them via our Houseboat Owners Manual section. Others can download them from there.

Thanks, IAN from

Our second KC houseboat
by: Gary

We have a contract on a 1975 55' KingsCraft houseboat to be surveyed this week. We have owned a 40' KC houseboat for 7 years, last year we had it trucked from the Erie Canal to Nashville, TN. This boat will become our daughter and son-in-law's first houseboat.

We will be bringing the 55' boat to Nashville from the Louisville area during the month of June, going to take our sweet time and enjoy the ride. The 55' will not require the extensive rebuilding that the 40' did, so we should be able to relax more with it.

We do live aboard, after selling all of our land based stuff and house earlier this year. These are incredible boats, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for low maintenance and great performance.


The first Kingscraft houseboat?
by: bob

Anyone know when, and where Kingscraft started?

Thanks, Bob.

by: Sandy

Kawartha Trent Waterway Ontario. 40' 1971 Kingscraft. Love it. Anyone else up this way with a kingscraft?

by: Steve carpenter

I have a 1975 Kings Craft 55 ft. Going to rebuild. Need all the advice I can get. Thanks.

Old Brochures or Schematics
by: Anonymous

We just purchased our first house boat...a '72 Kings Craft 44'!

We would love and appreciate seeing some insight into our boat as she was, as well as have a better understanding of her! She is in bad need of renovation and thus the work has begun!

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Kingscraft History
by: Angie

My father worked for Kingscraft in the 70's in Florence, AL. I have visited the area and the plant it's in the same place. I am wondering what happened to the company. Still in business?

Need zincs for KingsCraft houseboat
by: Sortition Dave

My 1974 Kingcraft 44' was last pulled out three years ago and new zincs were installed. A diver tells me several zincs should now be replaced.

I don't find the size zincs in my local marine supply houses. The guy who is working on this says he's going to have to make a bulk purchase and custom make them.

Does anyone know if these are already available?

Keel Zincs Two pieces 48"x2"x ¼"
Stern Hull Zincs Four pieces 12"x2"x ¼"
Rudder Zincs Four pieces 8"x2"x ¼"

Kingscraft owner now 3 times over
by: Rolland

I have owned 3 of these houseboats, a 40', a 44', and finally now a 55'. I always thought the original interior left something to be improved on, but the hulls and performance were never lacking.

I completely gutted our 55' and repowered as well. We now have a nice older houseboat that is basically new in all respects.

I still have several old brochures of these boats and can copy for anyone that wants one. I can also offer some advice on restorations.


Houseboat History - from a KingsCraft employee
by: Mike

I worked the 35' Kingscraft, the 55' houseboat and the 36' cruiser line as an interior guy back around 72-74. We took a lot of pride in the quality of those boats. Management never pressed us to cut corners or "speed up" to compromise quality.

Now that I've reached retirement age, I've thought about finding an old one and doing a complete rebuild. That would bring back some good memories.

Looking for houseboat hull information?
by: James

Have my eye on a 1974, 44 footer KingsCraft that is completely gutted. The glass is there and the floor, which has been replaced, remains. No motors, controls, walls, etc Anyone know a ballpark value of the hull and weight?

Houseboat Schematics - any manuals or diagrams for a new owner
by: Anonymous

I just purchased a 35' Kingscraft and have started a total rebuild. Would really like to find a wiring schematic. The craftsmanship that went into the construction of these boats was excellent! Anyone have any old manuals or schematics?

Houseboat History - 40 year old Kingscraft
by: K

We bought the boat a year ago and have enjoyed it's fuel economy and size (35'), just had the engine rebuilt and need to replace the 41 yr. old commode also. The boat was made in 1969 and from what we can tell almost everything is still original to the boat. The generator will be the next repair-still works great but it is 41 years old!

I have the original brochure but would like to see what the 35' looked like, inside and out and was there a side port hole, where was the fridge and how was the head configured? Was there a sink and shower in the head also?

We've re-done the cushions and need to remove the interior Krylon paint job which is horrible and although there is a lot to do getting it back the way it should be, we still load up the neighborhood on Friday nights and cruise here around the lake (Lake Whitney, Texas) for hours. We fish and raft up with friends and enjoy the boat all year around.

What was the original color scheme? And is there some place to get wiring diagrams? The windows are strange with the metal surface locks-can this be changed and to what or how? We've only seen one other Kingscraft; they must be farther north. We'd like to put sea air in it-has anyone else with this size KC done this?

Wonderful boat, well built and economical and would like to hear from others that have this or know of a way to get information on it. Thanks

Kings Craft Houseboats - quality and pride
by: Tommy Gentle

I was VP of Manufacturing for KC for years and we did take a lot of pride in our product. There is still today a demand for these quality aluminum houseboats. Your interior shot looks good.

more pics about the King Crafts
by: Anonymous

We just bought a 44 KingsCraft and was looking for some interior designs. thanks

Prop strut shaft
by: Will King

I have a 72 K.C. 44. I am trying to find replacement prop shaft strut... any ideas from anyone... thanks in advance

by: Dennis

Hi my name is Dennis. Just bought my first houseboat, a 35 ft. 1971 Kingscraft. It's in good shape. An older couple is getting too old to care for her. I had a quick learning curve and settled on this one for the all aluminum construction. (no rust)

Remodeling and Decorating Houseboats
by: Gail

I just bought a 72, 44 ft Kings Craft houseboat, and for the next two years we will be remodeling and decorating and (well everything). Your picture motivates me. The only thing, our bedroom seems a lot larger. There is a cabinet between the microwave and the bedroom too. Good job!

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