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How to Discover Houseboating - with the Boating 101 Beginner's Guide

by Ian

Discover Houseboating - with the Boating 101 Guide.

Discover Houseboating - with the Boating 101 Guide.

How did you discover houseboating, with the Boating 101 beginners guide, is a question that gets asked all the time.

When it comes to boating, everybody has memories of their first time out on a boat. It may have been with your parents, or a family friend, but either way, those unforgettable memories are forever lasting.

When you compare boating, or houseboating for that matter, to other outdoor activities, there's nothing quite like it, especially when you look at all the great family memories that it creates.

What better than seeing the smiles and joy on the kids faces when they're swimming or fishing. The sound and gentle rocking can wash away all the stress and remains of city life in no time at all. That's what makes boating absolutely priceless.

As for a Boating 101 guide, one of the best sites that I know of and recommend for beginners who are contemplating buying a boat, or any aspect of boating for that matter, has to be

They have plenty of information for boats of all styles, whether you're thinking of a fishing boat, ski boat, deck boat, pontoon boat, performance boat, or even cruisers, there's a style and model for every budget.

Now if houseboating is in your future, than you're best source of information is as you will get the real hard facts and tips, from a houseboat live aboard couple who share their houseboating experience and knowledge.

So if you're looking for information on what to buy or where to go, you now have all your bases covered.

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Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about how you first discovered boating or houseboating. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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How we Started into Houseboating
by: Stardust 1

We didn't mean to buy a houseboat! We were trying to find a slip with power for our sailboat. We came into the marina and on the end of a dock there was a Stardust Cruiser for sale.

We loved the end slip! Power! A View! Nice Neighbors! After we went into the boat we couldn't believe the room. We made an offer and the guy took it.

So now we had a sailboat and houseboat to deal with. We used both for a while, but the houseboat won out. We have gone year round since we bought it 7 years ago. We've missed maybe 3 weeks in a row at most.

In the winter we have the eagles and a quiet lake all to ourselves, and in the summer the crowds with an occasional idot thrown in for our enjoyment.

Anyone want to buy a Sailboat?

Reply - Answer
Well Stardust-1, thank you for sharing how you got started into houseboating. I like sailboats myself, yet once you taste a houseboat, with all of its amenities and space, they often win from a liveaboard perspective :)

IAN from

It all started by going fishing.
by: Brian

My brother was the one that got me started into boating. I was younger than he was, and he would always leave me at home when he would go fishing with his friends.

Well, one evening, he actually asked me of I wanted to get up at the crack of dawn, and go fishing with him. Boy, what a surprise, and I barely slept a wink that night.

I remember that I was up before him, and I was ready to go, even before the sun was up. We packed the car, and off we went, we drove to the lake where he kept his small wooden fishing boat.

The boat and motor looked like it had lived a full life, however it ran well, and easily flew across the morning mist. We arrived at the bay where he said that the fish would be, and we spent the day laughing, and reeling in bass till our arms hurt.

That was the day that I knew that I would be boating forever, and would share the feeling with anyone would come out on the water.

I now have had many boats in my lifetime, and still feel the same way when I get up at the crack of dawn to go fishing, I can't wait to get out on the water. It's so peaceful, and nothing else matters!

The only difference now, we now have a bathroom on the boat :)

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