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Houseboat Weekends - any tips for mini holidays on house boats?

by Ian

Houseboat Weekends - spend long holidays on house boats.

Houseboat Weekends - spend long holidays on house boats.

When it comes to spending long weekends on a houseboat, what are your tips to spend quality time on your house boats? Do you prepare everything during the week, or do you just get plan and organize it all when you get there?

I know that my wife and I try and get plans going early in the week, and we try to get all the grocery shopping out of the way. It also helps to see what out houseboaters have planned for the long weekend, as it is fun to meet up all together out on the water.

We often try and get some of the new houseboaters feeling comfortable enough to come out and try new areas on the lake, as it is often easy to end up staying at the marina.

How do you prepare or plan for a long houseboat weekend?

Do take a moment and share your tips and tricks that could help others with planning and preparing great holiday, or long weekend houseboat getaway. try and post your tips in the comments section below.

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Now please understand that I do have empathy for folks that weren't able to be out on the water on the long holiday weekend, and possibly it was due to one of the following reasons.

Possible reasons for not being out on the water:

* Are you presently shopping or searching for a houseboat?
* Are you presently doing repairs to your houseboat?
* Are you presently without a houseboat, and saving to buy one?

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their long weekend houseboat tips and experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Houseboat Weekends - any tips for mini holidays on house boats?

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Houseboat Family - we boat every weekend!
by: LeeAnn

Our pontoon style houseboat is on the Muskegon River in Michigan. My husband gets the boat in the water in mid-April (as soon as the ice is gone!) and leaves it on until the snow flies!

In the summer our family (husband, 2 daughters, 3 dogs and I) spend every weekend on the boat. The girls often bring friends. They set up tents on the top deck! I keep the boat stocked all summer and all I have to pack is the laundry I brought home the weekend before and the perishable foods.

We always head out to the same beach where several other houseboating friends also go. We set up a volleyball net, put out our beach chairs and relax all day.

The beach also attracts many day-trippers in speedboats so it is very busy, but they clear out at night and we houseboaters are left to enjoy a campfire before retiring for the night.

Zebra Mussels
by: David W. Wilson

Are Zebra Mussels a nuisance for anyone, or do most of you folks stay away from the Inland Waterway with activities confined to mussel free waters?

I would love to hear from anyone.

I do not have a houseboat at this time but, sooooon.

Hoping all is well and enjoy the fair winds.

Thanks, dww

Reply - Answer
Well David, the zebra mussel are a problem in some areas, and they can gather around your boat. They can at times cling in water intakes, so special attention is recommended.

IAN from

Long Weekends
by: Mark, South Australia

We tend to keep the houseboat stocked with non-perishables (food, clothing, drinks) and full of fuel. This means that we can decide at the drop of a hat to go to the houseboat with nothing but what we are standing in. Although we generally take fresh food along with us. We don't really plan our weekend trips, but we do plan when we need to restock.

Unless we are going out with the boat club (River Murray Boat Owners Association), we don't tend to go with other boats and mostly it's just the two of us and the dog.

Our next long weekend is the 8th June (Queen's Birthday/Volunteers Day) and this time we are taking a couple of friends out with us. It should be quiet on the river as we are entering our winter and the water skiing season is over.

Reply - Answer
Well Mark, those are some great tips, especially keeping the boat full of fuel :)

IAN from

Relaxing long weekend
by: Michele Mershon-Fleck

My husband and I with our 5 year old black lab (Freddie) moved to a houseboat on the Chesapeake Bay in October 2008 from Northern England.

With living and working at a marina, to us the long weekend was an opportunity to learn the outside of our 1988 Gibson Houseboat, so we spent it cleaning the outside and decorating our dock with summer flowers.

We are awaiting the marina to replace a few manifolds on our engines before we can enjoy stolling down the bay and rivers on long weekends.

Reply - Answer
Michele, long weekends are great for cleaning the outside, and especially decorating with summer flowers. Nice touch, and I'm sure it smells good :)

IAN from

Houseboat trips, long weekend, or not.
by: Glenn - Australia

I have a houseboat on a trailer, so it's easy for me to get out. My houseboat is kept in my work factory. I get up in the morning, go shopping for supplies on the way to work.

I unload the supplies into the houseboat, and connect it to the car. I then work, and wait till my son gets out of school, pick him up and were off.

We figure out where we would like to go about a week before, and it is normaly only within about 3 hrs drive. The good thing with having a trailerable houseboat is you can take it anywhere, anytime.

We quite often just slip out for an overnighter on any other weekend. Great times are always had.

Reply - Answer
Glenn, thanks for your tips, and how true, a trailerable houseboat really does have some great advantages, and quick getaways are one of the big ones. Sounds like your son has a really "cool dad" :)

IAN from

A three day long weekend

My wife and I planned to go out on the lake for the Memorial Day weekend. We went out, couldn't find a place to anchor or tie up, and came back to the dock and listened to others peoples music until 2:00 am. We didn't get much sleep.

We won't do it again on a three day weekend, but have had the boat since November. We're really enjoying it, and we are still learning plenty. Everett Robbins.

We plan our mini houseboat trips in advance.
by: Joan & Ken

When it comes to planning mini houseboat holiday trips, we tend to do it while we are actually out on a trip with other boaters.
Everybody is good and relaxed, and we can all plan where, when, and how we can get all the thing ready for the next outing.

We find that if you don't plan and prepare in advance, we tend to just hang out at the marina with our dock friends. This is fine also, yet the boating season is so short, that you really have to just get out there, and it really surprising how a 2-3 day trip can do wonders to recharge the emotional batteries.

I hope this makes sense, Joan & Ken.

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