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Welcome and a big thank you for taking a few seconds to complete the Houseboat Visitor Poll. Your feedback will allow us to tailor our website content to better answer your houseboating questions.

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Your feedback really counts and will help us tailor and build a better website for you, IAN.

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There's 2 Choices - General or Specific Survey?

Depending on the level of feedback that you want to provide, you can choose between a general topic survey or a specific topic survey.

  • General Survey - a few questions about 5 houseboating topics
  • Specific Survey - a few questions about 1 houseboating topic

  • Your survey feedback can be geared towards one specific topic, or can be more general about 5 houseboating topics. You can do only one survey, or really help us and do all the topics that interest you.

    Let's Get Started, Do ONE or them ALL :)

    General Survey

    • Buying a Houseboat
    • Fixing & Repairing
    • Living on a Boat
    • Safety & Security
    • Parts & Accessories

    Specific Survey

    1. Buying a Houseboat
    2. Fixing & Repairing
    3. Living on a Boat
    4. Safety & Security
    5. Parts & Accessories

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