Houseboat Timeshares - pros cons of should we time share house boats?

by Russell
(North Fort Myers, Florida)

Houseboat Timeshares- is time sharing of house boats viable?

Houseboat Timeshares- is time sharing of house boats viable?

Looking at houseboat timeshares, is the time share of houseboats a good idea? The reason being, I have a 57 foot Carri Craft in pretty good condition. I do however, want to make some upgrades, and eventually will put new engines in.

I was wondering what kind of problems there would be to setting up a temporary timeshare of assorted amounts of time for investment considerations.

I know there are hundreds of people wanting to cruise or vacation in the Florida Keys and other sites along the coast. I have three cabins and could do it as a crewed or a bareboat type of timeshare.

This is just a thought and I was wanting some suggestions or insight as to advantages or disadvantages to this sort of idea. Money is short everywhere and buying a boat is getting way out there.

I already have a boat but have financial needs to do the upgrades, as I would like to be able to cruise long range along the U.S.A. coastline.

A few investors would be a good thing on both sides. I maintain the boat and you help with finances to an agreed amount for specific time usages. I know I could be opening a can of worms here but, then again, I always did like fishing.

Anyhow, let's see where this goes. Russell.

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Reply - Answer
Well Russell, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the potential of doing houseboat timeshares. As you said, it may open up a can of worms, however, you will get to see both sides of the equation, and from a different perspective.

As you said, with the price of cruising houseboats constantly climbing, this may very well be an excellent opportunity for both parties to benefit from a wise, and sound investment. As usual, we'll see what others have to say.

In the meantime, for folks who aren't familiar with the concept, here's a good articles on the differences between Houseboat Rentals vs Shared Ownership Houseboat Timeshares.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their thoughts and experiences with timeshares of houseboats.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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More houseboat rental timeshare info...
by: Russell

Thank You Old Houseboater, I am trying to get this monster upgraded a bit faster than I have the money to do. Sitting here at a dock and spending $700 a month to tie up a few lines and have water and power delivered to the boat is stupid.

I can sit out on anchor but the wife has some health issues and I need to get the upgrades done as fast as I can. I have three weeks to get everything done while the wife is visiting the kids & grandkids but I don't get paid until the end of the month.

This puts a damper on doing repairs and adding the equipment I want. I'm going to have to get creative to get-r-done that fast. Rental may very well be the best way to go.

Reserve the boat now with a down payment for some time in the summer or next fall or winter but I won't tolerate someone trying to tell me how to set the boat up and what equipment should be added. I would let someone use the boat in lieu of financial return but the final say as to the boat's upgrades and equipment is mine alone.

I can not turn the boat over to some rental company as I live aboard and will have to decide when I am able to turn her loose. I may be in the Keys, the Chesapeake Bay, or any of a hundred other places.

If someone wants to rent the boat down in the Keys I would wander down that way at my own good speed and turn it over to them at a preconceived date for a spicific amount of time. A rental outfit will want some control and I will be having to pay the bills. I might as well sell her if I can't have her where and when I want.

My boat is not going to be a "sit at the dock" boat. I've been tied up here for a year and it's not my idea of living aboard. I have spent thousands of dollars installing a new freezer, a refrigerator, TV Satellite system (for 2 sets), wind generator, solar panels, partially overhauled both engines, repaired the 6.5kw genset and installed a 5.5kw backup generator.

I also added an extra large swim platform, brought the sewage system up to grade, rebuilt both heads, a new water system and all the little things a woman wants. "Bring your hair dryer, Honey, we have plenty of power." How many boats are equiped with full length mirrors or a vanity with floresent lighting and a 4'x4' mirror? Shower? Yes. Bathtub? Yes. Hot water? Plenty.

We also have a 14 foot dink with wheel steering and electric start so my wife can drive it without having to pull a starter rope to start a 25HP outboard. Essential if you are going to anchor out as you travel.

So, that's my point of view. I have what other people would love to have and am willing to share it for some financial help. I'm not looking to sell off part ownership of my boat but will let someone use it for a little financial help. That's all I am asking.

Houseboat timeshare or houseboat rental?
by: Old Houseboater

There are management companies that do this. IMHO not a good idea. Timeshares can give too much input from shareholders on what is done with/to the boat.

You might consider renting though. A friend of mine does this in Pensacola, Florida.

Old Houseboater.

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