Houseboat Restoration Project - how to restore trailerable Steury house boats

by Patti
(Mount Plymouth, FL)

Houseboat Restoration Project - restoring a trailerable Steury

Houseboat Restoration Project - restoring a trailerable Steury

Houseboat Restoration Project - My husband is an avid boater and particularly likes small trailerable houseboats. He is now on his 4th houseboat restoration challenge, a 1979 Steury.

He has a continually running ad in Boat Trader and Bargain news magazines, looking to buy small houseboats. His latest find was this 1979 Steury, desperately in need of serious TLC. As you can see from the pic he is very excited about it.

The first major challenge of this project is replacing the windows. The previous owner had begun the restoration project and had taken the windows out in the process, laying them on a trailer beside the boat. (He had the boat stored on a lot in, lets say, not the best part of town.)

Big surprise!!, someone stole the windows, assumedly for the aluminum. We are now trying to find replacement windows (we need 4 of them) without it costing an arm and a leg. We would appreciate it very much if anyone could advise of where we could find, or have made, windows for this boat at a reasonable price.

We would also love, and appreciate very much, seeing Steury interior pictures. We have come across some unique challenges there as well, such as how the pilot house and the floor could be finished.

The floor in the houseboat we bought was finished flat straight across which leaves very little head room. We are both about 5 ft.8in. tall and our heads almost touch the ceiling. I suspect that in the original design the floor was lower in the center aisle.

I have no doubt that my husband will do a
fine job with this restoration. He is very good with this type of project and has done a beautiful job restoring the 69 Fish-N-Ski houseboat we are currently enjoying.

We live near Mt Dora, FL and have easy access to a beautiful chain of lakes, which we are in with our houseboat frequently. It will take a while, I am sure, but I will submit the “after” pics for anyone interested.

Thanks! Patti

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Reply - Answer
Well Patti, thanks for submitting the picture of your houseboat restoration project. I should congratulate your husband on having the time, skills, and the available energy/effort to undertake these kind of re-fit projects.

In regards to the windows for RV, Campers and Houseboats, you may likely find them at Hehr International Windows.

Good luck with the work, and do keep us up-to-date with the progress and remember to take some pictures of the final completion.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their Steury experiences, or of any houseboat restoration projects. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Houseboat Restoration Project - how to restore trailerable Steury house boats

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by: Sharon

Hi Patti,

We are getting ready to purchase a steury boat. Can you message me your contact info so I can come and see yours and get some more info before we buy please.

Thanking you in advance


74 steury
by: Tom

I want to sell my steury house boat as long as I can get most of money back out of it,just don't have time and resources to finish.3178090294.Indianapolis,IN.

1975? Steury houseboat
by: Rick Advocaat

I recently bought a steury houseboat with a 225 hp Mercruiser with freeze damage. I’m considering doing a outboard conversion or possibly selling. Located in British Columbia, looking for others that have done a conversion. Or if someone is looking, we would consider selling.

by: carol

I am looking for a Steury houseboat to buy. no luck. Let me know if anyone knows of a Steury houseboat for sale. I live in Ma.

Steury Houseboat
by: River_Guide

To David: I'm 6'2" and my head doesn't hit the ceiling when sitting in the captains chair that is original to the Steury.

Also, there is a Yahoo group called Steury The Beautiful that you can join for free with lots of pictures and info as well as a Facebook page.

Looking to buy a Steury
by: Anonymous

I want to buy a 23ft Steury houseboat with fiberglass bottom. Where can I find one? Having difficulty locating them.

Price range?
by: don

I know they range widely but I have located one here in Arkansas. It'a '79 with inboard. Looks good, cosmetically and has been gone through by a professional. Any guesses as to a good price?

1974 Steury houseboat
by: Tommy T

Still in restoration phase of a 23 foot Steury houseboat. It seems never ending, but I know when I get it done, I will probable live on it! At least for a short time.

Thinking of also buying a Steury
by: David

Patti, thank you for posting the story regarding your husband's efforts to restore the Steury. I've recently found the same year and model boat and am trying to determine if I should purchase it and restore it.

One of the comments you made caught my attention. I believe you mentioned that the wheel house ceiling was only a few inches higher than you are tall.

I'm 5'10" and my son is 6" 2" so I was wondering how big an issue this has proven to be. Do you have to steer hunched over or do you typically sit when driving the boat.

I'm not sure how old your post is but if your husband is still working on it or is finished, could I impose upon you for some pictures? The one I'm looking at is going to have to be completely gutted so I'm looking for ideas.

Thank you, David

I have two 79 Steury house boats 23 ft
by: Anonymous

Let me know if you still need pic's and the floor is flat from factory there's no room to drop floor you have to deal with it

Restored a 1979 Steury Houseboat
by: Anonymous

I just happen to have a 1979 Steury houseboat and I have been working on it for about 5 years. I am just about done with the inside.

I changed the inside and did not have any interior pics to go by, but now much larger inside than used to be. I changed my boat just for two. Now it has a big kitchen, wide hallway, and on top floor dining area and helm.

Steury Interior Photos
by: River_Guide

I have interior photos of a 1978 Steury 23' houseboat I'm thinking of buying. I can send tham if you still need them. The interior is in pretty rough shape but appears to be the original.

Houseboat living in the Florida Keys
by: freddyhotchkiss

I have a 1981, 25 ft Viking houseboat like yours, and it has taylor windows. I restored the windows with new strips from a company.
It has no leaks, original floor, and has a ceiling height of a full 6 ft.

Good luck, Freddyhotchkiss

by: Chris

I am looking for a Steury Houseboat with trailer. ANY help will be appreciated.

Houseboat Restoration - restoring a 79' Steury
by: James Reed

I now own a 79 Steury which I am doing a complete restoration job on. It is a rare 305 Alpha Mercruiser engine/outdrive with 228 HP which I beleive was only installed on Special Order by the factory.

The engine has a documented 208 hours on it. The restoration is starting with the transom which had water damage to the interior plywood. This is allowing all of the hoses, belts, and etc to be replaced while the engine is out of the hull.

The remainder is all cosmetic. Fiberglass repair and re-painting the lower hull and all of the colored trim from Brown to Aquamarine!! Let me hear from you.
Thanks, James Reed

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