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Houseboat Living - we live and vacation all year long on the boat.

by Jody Johns
(Grand Haven, Mi)

Our Houseboats that we Live On and Vacation on All Year!

Our Houseboats that we Live On and Vacation on All Year!

When it comes to houseboat living, we live and vacation all year long on our house boats. This is our 9th year living on our Myacht Houseboat, April 1st to November 1st. We are living our dream everyday.

The idea began with us long before these nine years. We started looking in the early 90's, taking summer vacations down to Kentucky to investigate the how's and why's anybody would do this.

We had a home, two kids, a dog. Just like regular people. Then.... the kids moved forward with their lives and we made the decision to just do it. Buy a Houseboat.

We both had good jobs in Michigan so our next question is how and where in Michigan.

We had planned yet another trip down to Norris Dam Area on our motorcycle to again see all of the "For Sale" boats.

On our way back home we cruised through Muskegon, Mi and low and behold we passed a Marina (not even on the water) and saw the houseboat of our dreams.

After much investigation, a trip to the Houseboat Show, and a lot of research, we decided to call the Myacht Company to see their plant.

Wow, it was in Missouri, and we were just in Kentucky. No matter, we set up an appointment to go and see one that was just coming off the production line.

We jumped in the car and traveled many, many hours to get there. Saturday morning we arrived right on time.

Myacht not open on Saturday, but they made special arrangements so we could see the operation.

Well sitting right out side was a 2000 48' Myacht that the purchaser had backed out of. My, My were we excited. After many hours of negotiations we owned that houseboat but it was October.

We wanted some changes made, which were done but we didn't want the boat delivered until April. That was OK with them.

So now every three weeks we drove back down to Mayacht, leaving Friday after work to visit our new home through the fence. Once in a while the gates were open and we could get in to see it.

Finally, the boat arrived at River Haven Marina in Grand Haven, Michigan. Dave the owner was very helpful and assured us our boat would fit it one of his slips.

We have now spent 8 years at the same
marina. It is a short 2 hour cruise out to Lake Michigan. If offers the world to us.

Needless to say our goal (and it is getting close) is to head down south, we hope to Alabama for the winter and come back to Michigan in the summer.

I have to say that this lifestyle is not for the faint at heart, but we are gently rocked to sleep each night knowing that we can get up at sunrise and go anywhere we want or just stay put, the view is always remarkable.

We are truly blessed and we thank God always.

There has been one wonderful addition, my Mom (she's 83) has lived on her own houseboat right next to ours for the past two years. Of course it is a Myacht 40'.

It was Mom's and my Dad's dream. Unfortunately, Daddy couldn't make the trip.

Regards, Jody Johns.

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Reply - Answer
Well Jody, a big welcome to the houseboat forums, and my wife and I can really relate to your houseboat story.

It's funny how far you will drive, to go see a boat that you just bought :)

Your story will likely bring out many happy memories to houseboaters about their first boats.

I am glad to here and see that your family is enjoying such a beautiful looking location in Michigan. It must be great to have your Mom in her own houseboat just next door :)

It is stories just like yours that will inspire others to take a moment and share their own houseboat living and vacation experiences. You made me appreciate life's great little moments, and being rocked to sleep is one of them :)

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat living or vacation experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Houseboat Living - we live and vacation all year long on the boat.

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Winter Ice and Houseboats - Wait, What's Ice?
by: Russell

What's Ice? Oh, those little things you put in your drink to chill it. Just come on down to south Florida. We are in North Fort Myers and are going down south to the Keys for the winter.

It's warmer down south. To us even people from Miami are northerners. Ice has no place or reason to be on a boat unless someone spilled their drink.

Okay, I lived up North many years ago. Running south for the cold weather is the best part of living aboard. The trip is the best time you could imagine. Travel is what living aboard is all about. Travel whenever you can.

What about ice damage
by: Robert

Ok, you say you live on your houseboat all year my question is what do you do during the winter monthes to keep your boat from getting ice damage?

I ask this question because am thinking about leaving my River Queen houseboat in the water during the winter months here in Detroit Michigan.

My Houseboat Dream Come True at Lake Cumberland
by: Sandy Pitman

Love the stories. It is Sept 22, 2009 and we are just about (next week) to put a houseboat we purchased with one of our daughter/husband in Lake Cumberland. We probably won't "live" full time on it, but we certainly look forward to using it throughout the winter months.

As one of the other comments, me and my husband, along with 3 daughters have RV'd for 36 years and just sold it to get into houseboating. My husband has just retired and has enjoyed fishing for years. I'm sure this will be a great adventure with the girls all married and now with little ones.

We are definitely "family" oriented and love to enjoy the water together. I can see a couple of sea doos in the near future also.

I envy those who can enjoy this full time. Sandy

Reply - Answer
Well Sandy, congratulations on your new purchase, and I wish you many great houseboat memories to come.

IAN from

Year round living on a houseboat?
by: chezbills

Hello, I am still in the research stage for moving from a motorhome (full-timer) to a houseboat. I am from Traverse City, Mi and I was intriged by living in a houseboat in the winter.

Also what kind of restrictions are thrown up in regards to living on the water full time. Thank you very kindly for any information you can throw my way.

Houseboat Living in Canada.
by: Anonymous

We live on our houseboat throughout the year in Canada. We are in the water all this time. It is quite challenging trying to keep the ice from forming around the hull but we wouldn't trade it for the world.

We are nice and warm and love our winter vista with the birds, wildlife, and sunsets. It has been a particularly long winter this year but we are starting to see more water around us and we are looking forward to spring.

I love reading about so many others who are living the life on the water.

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