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Houseboat Living - Any people live on house boats on Montana?

by Tim
(Kalispel, Montana)

Any houseboat living on lakes in Montana?

Any houseboat living on lakes in Montana?

Is there any houseboat living, or people who live on house boats in Montana or nearby? I'm looking for information on house boat living year round preferably on Flathead Lake, Montana.

My questions are, is it possible, and is it legal? I know it is bitter cold, but I need or want to be near my family and on water. I am a stage IV cancer patient, and am trying to enjoy all that I possibly can.

Thanks for any and all information, Tim from Montana

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Reply - Answer
Well Tim, sorry to hear about your stage IV cancer, but welcome to the community, and congratulations on your decision to live on a houseboat.

At the present moment, I don't have any answers to give you on whether it's legal in the state of Montana, yet I do know that everything is possible.

Considering the cold climate, it won't be easy, yet with the proper plan, house boat living is definitely do-able :)

Have a look at the following links for some more information on winter or cold climate houseboat living tips:

Winter or Cold Climate Houseboat Living Tips

Upgrades and Winterize an Aluminum Kingscraft Houseboat

In closing, do let us know if you buy a houseboat and start living aboard, since I am sure many readers will love to read and see a picture.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat living experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Houseboat Living - Any people live on house boats on Montana?

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Winter on Flathead Lake
by: Sandra McClarty

Another comment: Flathead Lake is the only lake with a pump out facility and it is located at Bigfork Harbor.

Year round in Montana
by: Sandra McClarty

I sure would not recommend it. All the lakes freeze over in the winter, even Flathead every few years. All boat owners I know remove boats for winter.

Soon will not be feasible
by: Anonymous

Be is going to become very difficult to live on a floating home in Montana.

Flathead River Houseboat
by: Jack

I saw your comment about your houseboat on the Flathead River. My wife and I have been going to Montana for the past three summers. Just love it. Just this Christmas though my wife said maybe you could find a houseboat on Flathead or Whitefish Lake.

We would want to rent from June 1st to Sept 31st 2012. Any possibility? We do bring our pets with us across country from Florida. We have an arthritic old cat and a certified Hospice Shi-tsu.

Flathead houseboat
by: Jen

Tim, thank you for asking this question and Don, thank you for your input. So, what kind of "rules" are there for houseboating on the Flathead?

I've lived in Montana for 15 years and have dreamed of being on a houseboat, but have always assumed I'd have to wait until my kid went to college (hopefully somewhere coastal!) But now I'm thinking, maybe I don't have to move!!!

Flat Head River houseboats
by: Don

Tim, I have a 50'x 100' houseboat on the Flathead River in Kalispell. I just got thru remodeling it so I think it could be used for year around living in Montana. The houseboat has about 2460 sq. ft. of living space, 5 bedroom 2 bath.

In 1997 and 98 we lived on a small houseboat at the same location on the Flathead. It was rather small so we sold it in 1999 and moved to shore. With the the state of the economy we are going to sell it or rent it.

Sorry to hear about your trails with cancer. I've been thru it twice now and my LORD has spared me both times, I pray the same for you. Blessings Don

Floating Homes can Make it Happen!
by: Anonymous

Hello Tim From Montana! I am Priscilla From Alabama. I build floating homes (houseboats). Please visit my website and if you see something you like, I will find a way to sell it to you at cost and deliver it to you in Montana!

I will add you to our prayer list at my little country Church here in Alabama!

Priscilla Talley

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