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Houseboat hydraulics - any help in identifying older hydraulic pumps?

by Dave
(Brewerton, NY)

Hydraulic Pumps - Jeffboat houseboat hydraulic pump housing

Hydraulic Pumps - Jeffboat houseboat hydraulic pump housing

We need help to identify and to rebuild a hydraulic pump from a 1967 Jeffboat houseboat with a wide block Chrysler marine 318.

The pumps hydraulics go to a small servo on the shift linkage. There's also a water cooling side to the pump, and a 1/4 soft copper tubing coiled up inside the hydraulic housing. This is what we need to replace (it burst from freezing over the winter).

The copper tubing must be brazed into the pump housing, propane torch wouldn't melt the brazing so it's definitely not soldered. (I think the housing is aluminum but not 100% sure, there's no corrosion on it at all).

Any idea's how the copper was "brazed" ? oh, and the proper name for this pump? :)

Thanks for any help, Dave, NY.

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Well Dave, sorry to hear about your hydraulic pump problems. If we could identify the manufacturer, that would be a big help in getting it repaired.

I am wondering if it is a Wagner Steering Hydraulic Pump? You can have a look at their site, and see if you can source the model number.

Another option, is hopefully one of our readers has some knowledge of the Jeffboat houseboats and can name the manufacturer of the pump?

As a last alternative, maybe you can take the damaged piece into a welding shop and see if they can weld you a new copper tube to the housing?

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat hydraulic pump experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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hydrolic pump


Hydraulic Pumps
by: Anonymous

I'm having a very hard time locating one of these pumps. I have the same issue regarding water leaking from the copper lines. Do you still have these?

Clutch pump
by: Old Houseboater

This is the pump that operates the clutch. 2 different pumps were used. They were the Chrysler type and the GM type.

They are basically automotive pumps with a lower pressure relief valve and a cooling coil in the reservoir. The pictured unit is the Chrysler type.

The housing is usually steel and the cooling coil is brazed in. If the rest of the pump is OK, braze in a new coil and put it back together. Note: The GM type pump was more common.

Dana Outdrive Information:

Repair Older Houseboat Outdrives : Dana Chrysler Out Drive

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Old Houseboater, thanks for identifying the pump. Again your experience pulls through :)

IAN from

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