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Houseboat friendly communities on Florida east coast?

Where are the Florida Houseboat Communities?

Where are the Florida Houseboat Communities?

Where are the houseboat friendly communities on Florida east coast? What if someone wanted to buy docked lot with access to ICW Intracoastal Waterway & liveaboard?

Any place where others are already doing that in Florida? (not interested in landlocked lakes)

Thanks for any help.

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Reply - Answer
You are not alone, since many others are interested in the houseboat live aboard lifestyle.

You can have a look at our Florida marina section to get some names and numbers to see if it's possible there.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their Florida houseboat living aboard experiences and communities.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Houseboat friendly communities on Florida east coast?

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Houseboating in the Florida area
by: Rob

I am interested in buying a houseboat within the next year or so, but I also would like some info in regards to some communities where you can take a houseboat of say the size 60 to 70 feet long.

I live in Jacksonville but looking for central areas as well. Possibly around Ginnie Springs or the Suwanee area? Rob.

How To Live on Houseboats - living aboard on your own property
by: Russell

I have a friend who purchased a building lot in the Keys. His intention was to live aboard his boat while he built a house. He had a bulkhead and sewage, electric and water on the lot.

He has owned it for several years and is still not allowed to even tie his boat to the property. It seems that living aboard a boat on any man-made canal is against the law in the Keys.

Neighbors will call on you or the water cops will just happen by. Now, you may say that you know someone doing it. That's okay but keep your mouth shut. If the law finds them they will get into trouble.

The law is spesific on the rules. Try if you will but be aware that it can cost you very dearly if caught. Just a word of warning. Keep a low profile.

Wanting to live on houseboat, how do I do it?
by: Bill Padgett

I to would like to live on a houseboat but not land locked. To travel the Intercoastal waterway is my thought to find new and interesting places and people. Looking at 68-75 foot boats. Question is fuel locations, docking how to, etc...?

Us too
by: Andrew Polyak

We live on our houseboat in Knoxville, TN. In the next couple of years we plan on taking early retirement to Florida. We would love to move our houseboat to Florida. We too would be very interested in responses to this post.

ICW, St. Johns River, Lake George...
by: Shark Bait

Alright... well I have read and read and read about houseboats for about 3 years now. Lets start by saying I am in love with them. I will have my own soon enough for a "live-a-board."

I find that many people are interested in Florida specifically. Has anyone else noticed that there really is NOT that much info out there for us Floridians? or those who will retire as one? :-)

I will be spending my time mostly on the St. John's river. I have grown up on the river and ICW in northern Florida- I boat it to this day on a smaller 16 foot fishing boat. Let me tell you- the water can and does get rough.

In the summer, almost every afternoon, the river by Jacksonville, the ICW over by St. Augustine, and down to palm coast encounters thunderstorms, high winds, and "white top" waves (about 1-3 ft swells). Doesn't sound bad in a 65 ft houseboat?

I didn't think so either until last month with a rental with some friends. It's not going to capsize by any means, but if you and your wife are out on the front eating dinner, hehe, better go inside.

I'm blabbing- point is when I get under way with my new home on the water I will post my experiences as a first time "live-a-board" and hopefully help others looking to join me down here in this beautiful part of our country.

I say "Live-a-board" this way due to the fact that I work a perfect schedule for this life change. I work 2 weeks on out of state, and 2 weeks off. I am also a single male with no kids :-D so it will allow me to pay for a slip for 14 days a month (or more if I want to be a dock queen for some days)

I have worked out the $$$ and the folks that give advice that do already live a board are right- it's not cheaper than a house, it is just different.

I have found fuel all along my planned routes in FL and there are so many restaurants, bars, natural parks, and crystal clear springs.

Fuel right now ranges from $3.65/gal in Arlington Jacksonville to $5.37/Gal south of Lake George, which is about 85 miles south on the river.

Laws in Florida concerning live a boards do not scare me one bit as I will be staying for half the month at a time. If this is your plan start reading up on anchoring, mooring, and living aboard.

Here is a good link however it is from March 2011

One last thing for those who don't boat at all- check out this app for your iPhone or iPad - "NAVIONICS"

You can plan routes, look at water depths, see marinas, see waterside restaurants and a lot more. Thanks for playing... feel free to give me critique and suggestions and opinions. Thanks

PS: I would LOVE to hear from someone living aboard in the area. (northeast FL)

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