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Houseboat Building - a Garvey hull with dead-rise forward

by Rod Hughes
(Layton, Utah)

Jubilee Houseboat - with a modified cabin area

Jubilee Houseboat - with a modified cabin area

My houseboat plans come from

Length overall 29'-0"
Length waterline 26'-3"
Beam 10'-2"
Hull draft (with skeg) 14"
Hull weight 2100 lbs.
Displacement 7310 lbs.
Height overall 10'-0"
Headroom 6'-3" to 6'-7"
Freeboard 3'-6"
Fuel capacity 100 gals.
Fresh water capacity 50 gals.
Sleeping accommodations 6

* Hull type: Garvey hull with considerable dead-rise forward, developed for sheet plywood planking.

* Power: Single or twin long shaft outboard motors, or stern mounted inboard outdrive units. Total engine weight not to exceed 850 lbs.

* Can the hull be extended or shortened? No. We do not recommend increasing the beam.

The plans seem to be pretty straight forward and pretty easy to read with full size patterns with plans. It will be a long term project normally this boat would not be a trailer able houseboat but this one will be.

I found out in the state I live in a yearly permit allows it to be transported. I am using air dried seasoned lumber that I cut myself from my own trees.

I am using Hickory for the frames with being the wood that is available it is hard heavy and strong but not used in boat building often. but should be ok I will be incapsulating it with epoxy and fiberglass cloth.

At this point in my build I am working on the bulkheads these are built up using scarfing and laminating shorter
pieces together.

The reason for doing this is due to the size of lumber I have I must make smaller pieces thicker and longer but in doing so I do gain some weight but due gain resistance to warping and gain some strength.

To see more of my build visit my Facebook page, Home made Boat building

I hope it helps, Rod Hughes

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Reply - Answer

Well Rod, congratulations on your houseboat building project and I see that you are well equipped to handle to job. :)

As you are aware, building a houseboat is not for everyone, yet for someone who has the skills and space, the finished product can really feel good.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their houseboat building experiences and tips.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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barge versus catamaran houseboat hulls
by: Anonymous

Hello all, I am a new guy here, but have been a skilled carpenter for 40 years. I built a 20 ft open skiff that people seem to love the lines on her. After I learn how to upload photos,ill put her on here. I used A-B plywood 1.2 inch, then covered the entire hull with 10 ounce fiberglass cloth. Epoxy resined the boat 3 coats. All of my framing was done with hand picked treated 2x4s 1x4s etc. I coated them as I assembled. Treated is the only way to go on a wooden boat project. Im in the planning stages of a 40 ft x12 foot houseboat. I have lots of room out back and a good shop. Im looking for opinions on the difference between full barge and catamaran hulls. Thank, Rick Hofacker.

Update on building a houseboat
by: Rod Hughes

There was a delay on my build but will be resuming it this year as I worked out the delays. I had problems finding a shop big enough to put the pieces together so I have to have a custom built shop made. This will take place this year and hopefully will be done quickly.

I have decided on a new layout on the cabin area. To see a updated build blog

Happy boating everyone, Rod

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