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Houseboat Bed and Mattress - How to get the sheets on, in a cuddy cabin?

by Richard

Houseboat bed and mattress in a cuddy cabin.

Houseboat bed and mattress in a cuddy cabin.

We have a houseboat bed and mattress in a cuddy cabin that are very hard to make. Any ideas how to put the sheets on easily?

We have a Fun Country houseboat with four queen size beds. Two beds are in cuddy cabin and two are in room by itself.

How do you put the sheets on these mattresses when you cannot walk around the bed. The mattresses fit up to the wall on three sides.

Thanks Richard.

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Reply - Answer
Well Richard, welcome to the houseboat forums, and sorry to hear about the difficulty with the bed sheets. You are not alone, as we also have the same problem.

When a bed is touching all three walls, which is common in RV's or Trailers, and also many Boats, the tempers will flare. It's really hard to "make the bed" since you have to climb on the bed, yet be able to put or pull the sheets into the two back corners.

One of the tips I can offer is to do it with two people. If you're by yourself, first start off by putting one of the sheet in one corner, and when you get to the opposing
corner, we find that by tugging and pulling up the corner of the mattress helps immensely to get things started.

The trick is to start in the two back corners, and not kneel on the bed-sheet at the same time.

If I was to offer some of my "witty male humor" I could say, "just let the wife do it", but I don't think that is the "smart answer" :)

But seriously, and joking aside, my wife is never impressed when it comes to changing the sheets on those cuddy cabin mattresses. If I am nearby, I always give her a helping hand, and we each grab a corner. (male humor, do I get Bonus Points for that?)

I am sure that this post will hit a nerve with many houseboat owners that have a hard time making the bed on those mattresses that are blocked on three sides.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat mattress, bed-making, techniques or experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Houseboat Bed and Mattress - How to get the sheets on, in a cuddy cabin?

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Very Helpful tip
by: Lazycat

This post provides some helpful tips for anyone who has struggled with fitting sheets on a bed in a cuddy cabin on a houseboat. I appreciate the practical advice on how to make the process easier, such as using fitted sheets with deep pockets and securing the corners with clips or elastic straps. As someone who enjoys spending time on houseboats, I can attest to the challenges of fitting sheets on oddly-shaped beds in tight spaces. These tips will certainly come in handy the next time I'm on a houseboat! It's also great to see that there are products available specifically designed for this purpose, such as custom-made sheets and mattress toppers. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips and products to make sleeping on a houseboat more comfortable!

Rv and boat sheets.
by: Anonymous

Mattress topper is the best! I keep a fitted sheet on the mattress just to look good then my regular fitted sheets on the topper. I sew so I even cut my sheets down a little bit to look better but thats not necessary. Just change topper sheets.

New Way
by: Anne

We bought 3" foam mattress toppers. They make it the easiest way.

Making bed
by: Kokomo

We got so tired of trying to make those darn beds we finally did the right thing and got rid of the Wall! And lowered the beds to floor and now have no downstairs beds all storage and 2 beds we can make. Oh we also got rid of the closets 1 down in old 2 queen bed cubby.

My 2 cents
by: Anonymous

It's a cuddy, put the kids in a sleeping bag!!!!

Houseboat Help
by: Anne

The easiest way for me was to use a spatula. Doing the back first using the spatula to slide the sheets down then the front. I also found it easier not to use fitted sheets. Hope this helps.

Houseboat Bedding Tips - fitted bed sheets
by: Florian & Sallie

As your readers say about fitted sheets, the best way I found is to pull the mattress towards you and set the wall side first. One step further though, we stiched the flat sheet to the one side against the wall and that keeps us from trying to stretch over the entire bed to stuff that side of the sheet. (Love being on board)

Changing the fitted sheets
by: AliceFaye

I am not sure how practical this is for most folks, but I pull my top mattress off the bed...standing it on end... or its side..... placing the fitted corners on the opposite side and then laying it back down and placing the other corners on once I have slid it back in place.

The flat sheets are of course another issue.... that is where the all-in-one sets would come in handy. I hope this helps....may not be practical for most, but works for me. Robert in Spring City, Tennessee

Get one piece sheets, top and bottom, with elastics.
by: sara

Check out your local RV supplier. I have bed sheets that are made of one piece (top and bottom together), and they are sized to the mattress, and only the elastic bands go around the ends. Or if you're really crafty, you can make your own. Sara.

Reply - Answer
Well Sara, welcome to the houseboat forums, and thanks for sending in this great tip. I am sure that my wife will be looking into these sheets.

IAN from

Want some Bonus Points, Cuttysheets
by: Russell

Yeah, welcome to boating. It can't be done without cutting the outside bulkhead out. That lets some water in so it's not a good idea.

Then there is the ever favorite "get a bigger boat" thing. Don't work either! I'm up to 57 feet and the bedsheets are still getting to be a sore spot.

"A man's solution" would be, "Why change them?" Not a good answer in front of the wife. Helping the way Ian said is about the best answer there is.

I'm thinking of changing the staterooms into storage rooms and putting a king size bed in the living room. It would get me untold points and maybe even save me from getting a bigger boat again next year. Russell.

Reply - Answer
Well Russell, I see you have a good sense of humor, and your wife sounds a lot like mine :) God love em...

Thanks for sharing, IAN from

Great t-shirt sheets for houseboat mattresses
by: future houseboater

Have you tried the stretch knit t-shirt sheets. We don't have a houseboat yet, still in the looking stage, but we do have a motorhome with a couch that makes into a bed that poses the same problem. Those stretchy sheets make it alot easier to work those corners on.

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