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Houseboat Battery Maintenance Tips - make marine boat batteries last longer

by IAN from

Houseboat Battery Tips - maintain your boat batteries

Houseboat Battery Tips - maintain your boat batteries

When it comes to your houseboat, there are some simple battery maintenance tips to help you make your marine boat batteries last longer, and hopefully trouble free.

The Electrical System

Conservation of electrical power is usually a first concern among boaters. Being out on the water it is crucial to use power wisely, unless you have solar power or a generator. This shouldn't stop just because power is readily available on shore. When connecting to shore power, be just as responsible with power usage.

* Ensure your houseboats battery charger switches off automatically when batteries are fully charged. Overcharging batteries can do serious harm to their lifespan and waste energy.

* Keep terminals clean, as less corrosion means less resistance. Baking soda will get them clean and a light coating of petroleum jelly will keep them that way.

* Make sure your batteries are securely held in place, and preferably in spill proof battery boxes. Protect the negative and positive battery terminals to prevent arcing or shorts.

* Check the seals around electric fridges, if not properly insulated, this will be a huge drain on power in port, and out on the lake.

* Disconnect or shut off unnecessary power hungry loads to reduce current draw on your batteries while away from shore power.

Lead-Acid batteries are very common aboard boats. Follow the guidelines to increase the life of batteries, but eventually, they will need replacement. Almost
all battery dealers offer discounts for trading in your old battery. If this is not the case, go somewhere else!

The lead and plastic is completely recyclable and the acid will be neutralized. These batteries wreak havoc on landfills, and the toxins will find their way into the water supply. This is even more true of the few batteries that find their way to the bottom of the lake.

* If acid leaks out of batteries into the bilge, a lime wash solution can be used to neutralize it before pumping overboard.

* All other types of batteries are recyclable. Ask a local dealer or marine store where to take them, they will most likely look after them for you.

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Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their houseboat battery tips and experiences.

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Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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