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Electrical Leakage/Shock


Sorry if this has been addressed but I could not figure out how to search the forums.

With increasing discussion of ESD and using ELCI's, I was wondering if there is a risk of current leaking into the water from a boat operating the generator.

Our boat is a Skipperliner with a steel hull and 23 kW diesel genset.

Further, if we are operating from the batteries/inverters, can a malfunction there put current into the water?

We do have GFI receptacles, but I am not sure if all the appliances are plugged into GFI receptacles.

I believe an ELCI would protect against a problem when connected to shore power, but a) are we susceptible to putting current in the water when operating on either the genset or inverters and b) if so, how do we protect ourselves from that?



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