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Chris-Craft 33' Aquahome Houseboat

by John
(Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada)

Houseboat coming out of the water for the winter.

Houseboat coming out of the water for the winter.

We've recently acquired our 1969 Chris-Craft Houseboat and have it at home to redo the interior over the winter months. It currently is white with blue striping accents.

As we dismantle (tear-it-apart) we're discovering at lot of yellow counter tops and cabinet doors, also on the bottom half of the exterior of the cabins.

Would anyone have original pictures of this houseboat? It's 33' X 12'6" with twin 6 Cylinder Buick's and Volvo ODs.
Actually, anything about this house boat would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, John.

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Well John, congratulations on your "new" Chris Craft houseboat, and thank you for sending in a picture of your clean looking boat. I'm sure it's a sad day taking the houseboat out for the winter :(

One of my neighbors had a Chriscraft, and he was very pleased with the performance, and the amount of useable interior space.

There's presently some articles on our site about the Chris Craft Aquahome houseboats that may be of interest to you.

Chris Craft Aquahome Houseboats

Chris Craft Houseboat parts and stanchions.

Here is a few pictures that I had of his boat that you may find interesting, one of his dash board / helm, and the other of the interior.

Chris Craft Houseboat dash helm

Chris Craft Houseboat inside interior

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their Chriscraft houseboat experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found at the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Chris-Craft 33' Aquahome Houseboat

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by: Anonymous

It is hard to find info on our boats. There was a Vintage Houseboat website but it went away. You can find original sales brochures for sale on Ebay at times. I bought some for my 1972 34 footer. My boat on the south end of Lake Lanier.

1969 Aquahome
by: Shaw Nuff

I've had a 1969 Aquahome for three years now. I've done massive remodeling etc... and repainted the exterior to the original optional yellow color that my boat had under the white.

I'll have to get involved here because upgrades and all I've done with it would take awhile! Won Skippers Choice award at the 2015 Chris Craft Rendezvous..

I love love love my Sweet Pea!

I'd love to post a pic.. Can't figure out how here

1969 Chris Craft Aquahome
by: Pam

We also have a 1969 Aquahome. It has been completely redone and would love to see your interior photos. Thanks.

Before you buy a Aquahome
by: russell j

The Chris Craft Aquahomes are fiberglass to the top of the side windows and the rest is wood. The original boat had a vinyl covering over the wood.

You can expect some wood rot underneath, and soft spongy tops. You can stick your finger through the wood in some cases.

I would suggest paying a larger amount for a boat that presents well, a good survey and these issues already addressed.

Glad to Find You Because I Want to Join You!
by: Ada Vieceli

Hi I want to join your ranks. I am following the Chris Craft 46 foot houseboat on eBay. Unfortunately my knowledge of boats is zip.

Fortunately I do have a son who is a mechanical engineering student who has been successfully pulling engines apart and reassembling them since he was 14 and I have been building houses since I was (well never mind). However this doesn't tell you diddly about boats I know.

What are the headaches with a boat that long? It is now moored in a $125 a month slip and is about 400 miles from me down the Mississippi and in really poor shape with no properly working engines. I figure new engines. To transport $4000 plus. So help!!! Should I buy or buy one that is fixed up.

'70 Aquahome I just bought
by: Kim from Cali

I will post pictures later but I was wondering if someone had pictures of how they did their kitchen cabinets. I have to put some in and need ideas of what works well. I bought the boat last week and it needs some work but I love the layout design. Thanks

...from a '68 Chris Craft Aquahome owner
by: Kevin

Hey there, I have a '68 Chris Craft Aquahome I purchased a few years back, I gutted it and rebuilt it, but too pics first, I can email them to you if you provide an email address. I keep mine just down the road from you in Toronto.

All the best, Kevin.

Reply - Answer
Well Kevin, thanks for the post, and if you have a picture of your houseboat, start a new post describing the rebuild project.

IAN from

69 Chris Craft Aquahome houseboat owner
by: joey

Hey there I was looking up info about a 1969 Chris Craft houseboat that I just purchased a few moths ago, and ran across this site.

My name is Joe and I live in Atlanta Georgia. My 69 is at Lake Lanier, we had a few bad storms this winter and actually my boat got damaged from hitting a floating dock.

I'll send some pic's, but let me say she is a work in progress, I also was wondering if any one had some original pic's of the interior. I really want to restore it as close as possible.

Any Chris-Craft houseboat pictures?
by: John

We just came in from ordering the new cupboards, counter and countertop - Your pictures are really appreciated - We're hoping to re-float the THE LUV TUB (we didn't name it) early May.

Should anyone have in-or-out pictures of 1969-70 Chris-Craft Aqua-Home, we'd be thankful for your posting.
Cheers, John.

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