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Camper Cat Pontoon Houseboats - low cost, inflatable, light trailerable boats

by Greg Hood

Camper Cat - inflatable trailerable pontoon houseboats

Camper Cat - inflatable trailerable pontoon houseboats

The new Camper Cat pontoon houseboat is a lightweight, low cost, inflatable trailerable pontoon boat that is being built in Australia. I decided to build a pontoon boat that could go almost anywhere.

Being a designer of inflatable products, I designed a houseboat with big inflatable pontoons. I was amazed how much weight they could hold, and how simple and cheap it all was. Anyone can do it.

My houseboats became so popular I started a business called Camper Cat. I now have an inflatable cabin, furniture and a trailer. You can even use it on land.

These houseboats can be custom designed to any size. I have used mine on Sydney Harbour, The Gold Coast, Gulf in Adelaide. They go great on the sea, but even better on lakes and rivers.

I'm designing a sailing version to make long voyages. Please give my design some thought.

Greg Hood from Camper Cat.

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Reply - Answer
Well Greg, I can see that an inflatable pontoon houseboat that can be trailered to some remote and exotic locations will be very appealing to folks working with a small budget, or looking to travel very light.

I can see them being very easy to trailer, very fuel efficient, and very useful for shallow water exploration. Great for some of those remote fishing excursions.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their inflatable or trailerable houseboat experiences.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Camper Cat Pontoon Houseboats - low cost, inflatable, light trailerable boats

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Wonderful houseboat for the Danube
by: Anonymous

This is amazing, I hopefully could build one of these, next year I will do my dream cruise on the Danube from Drobeta, to the Black Sea.
Hopefully you can get me some tips!

Where can I buy.
by: Anonymous

What is the web address to purchase?

inflatable tubes
by: Anonymous

I haven't been able to find these inflatable tubes anywhere, where can I buy some.


How much for an inflatable houseboat?
by: Anonymous

Looks very interesting, where and how much?

Idea for inflatable pontoons
by: Dmitry from Russia

I want to build inflatable pontoons about 7ft and put them on top of a large flat-bottomed boat (6x3m2). This johnboat will provide additional buoyancy, large platform to serve passengers, and will be a box for storage of pontoons, motor etc... (if you fold it in half).

I think this boat will be a good move with Polynesian sprit or motor (5-10 h.p.). What you think about it?

For Barrie,
by: Greg Hood

Pets are no problem, as my friends German shepherd spent 3 days with us. Slept on the couch. Everything about Camper Cat is tough. Made to last.

More info about the Camper Cat houseboats
by: Greg Hood

Currently we have 2 sizes available, 6 and 8 meters, but have done a 10 meter boat, and they have 5 chambers in each pontoon. You can put whatever size motor you want on Camper Cat, but it's not about speed, it's about getting there.

It can be repaired in 5 minutes if an unfortunate puncture occurs. I have never had a puncture and I give it hell. The price is on the website, and life span is expected 10 years plus.

Blow up houseboats
by: Old houseboater

Size, power, performance, repairability, price, projected lifespan, availibility?

The ultimate RIB.

Houseboat durability
by: Barrie

How tough is the skin and what happens when it springs a leak? Just saw it on the TV and it looks like the furniture blows up with the main shelter. Can it survive pets and someone dropping a sharp knife on the furniture?

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