Building my own houseboat -need a hull plan

by Carsten
(Cologne, Germany)

Hi there,

would like to build my own houseboat here in Germany. It should be around 45ft long and 13ft wide. But I do not want a ponton, I would like to have a more a boat than a house, means I would like to do many miles on th European rivers but also on costal waters in the Baltic and Mediterranean Sea (but only in very calm conditions). It should have a a classic inline Diesel engine with around 80-100 PS, the weight is maximum 10 tons.
My main challenge in this project ist the hull or better to find one who build that hull for my needs. Most of the shipyards her ein Central Europe are building just catamaran-pontons. Of course they will build anything I ask fore but they miss experience building other hulls then pontons.
Now I have read about the US-build river queen boats from the 1960s and 70s, which where quite mobil and fast and it seems to me that a hull of the river queens could match my needs. But how could I get a plan or drawing of of the hull? And if not a fully plan maybe some information like length-beam-ratio, the draft and freeboard and the type and form of the bow and the hull.
Any help is welcome!

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