Are the trailerable Travelwave 360 Houseboats still available?

by Chris

Are the trailerable Travelwave houseboats still available?

Are the trailerable Travelwave houseboats still available?

Is the trailerable Travelwave houseboats still available? Does anyone know what happened to the Travelwave 360 by Stoll Manufacturing.

I tried to get a hold of them for pricing and more information, and have had no luck.

Thanks Chris from IN

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Reply - Answer
Well Chris, sorry to hear about your problems reaching Stoll Mfg about the Travelwave Houseboats.

From my knowledge, there are still available, and you can try the following information.

Stoll Manufacturing
1374 highway 77
Marysville, Ks. 66508
Phone: 785-629-8043

Do let us know if you find out for sure.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their Travelwave houseboat experiences.

Thanks for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

PS: if you buy one, do come back and post some pictures, we love pictures.

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Comments for Are the trailerable Travelwave 360 Houseboats still available?

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Best I've seen
by: Anonymous

Im a kiwi. Have lived on a cat for 9 years. Was looking for a caraboat for best of both worlds. Apart from no solar and 120v at 60hz this is the best I've found. Now tiny houses being popular travelwave would seem a great choice.

Yes, But Only Used
by: Anonymous

Stoll Manufacturing stopped making them about 2012. Only five of this unique design were ever made.

I don't think they're still around
by: Doug GUrney

I don't think they're still around. I saw the boat and the manufacturing rights for sale on eBay a couple of years ago, if memory serves me right.

I don't remember how, whether by email or voice, but I asked whether she could be used with the floats stowed on top - my idea was to see if she could be used on the French or English canal system, which can be very narrow. I was told no, it was not stable in that configuration, and that was only for towing on a trailer.

Hope this helps. It's a very interesting idea.

Great idea will be wanting more details
by: Martin in London, UK

What a fantastic idea--well done. I would like to know if you've exported any of these units? I want to buy one for use in Australia and some of the continental USA. Have you researched how it can travel by container or other ship, or perhaps by rail car in goods transit mode?

Keen to know more, Martin

Travelwave houseboat info
by: Anonymous

Yes there are Travelwaves still available, I am the son of the owner and we have some available.

Talked to the manufacturer June-28-09
by: Jay

Talked to the owner and he said that they have only make 4 of them, and it's a custom item for between $140 to $160k (5,000 lbs. of aluminum alone in each one).

Darn shame they are not being mass produced and in the $60k range (i.e. the concept looks great).

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