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Any Houseboats For Sale in California - Where to moor it?

by Nina

Where to find used houseboats for sale in California?

Where to find used houseboats for sale in California?

Starting to look for any houseboats for sale in California? I am in the market for a houseboat, but I want to moor it in South California.

Do you have any connections there, or information for me where, and how I can moor it?

Thanks! Nina.

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Reply - Answer
Well Nina, congratulations on your decision to start looking for a used houseboat for sale. Like you mentioned, it's important to find a suitable marina slip before buying a houseboat.

As to some information and names, you can have a look at our following pages:

Tips and How to Find, Used Houseboats For Sale

Houseboating: Marinas & Houseboat in California

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their California houseboat experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found at the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Any Houseboats For Sale in California - Where to moor it?

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Houseboat Size
by: JapaneseGuitarist

If houseboats' (for lakes or rivers) size can be fit in Ocean marinas (such as Marina del Rey, San Pedro and Huntington Beach), are we allowed to moor one's boat there? I am aware that we have to have special shipping company to transfer boats from lakes, rivers to marinas.

by: Dutchman88 - LAX

You may not have a mortgage but with Herr Jerry up in Sacramento, what about registration and taxes.

I have a friend down in Newport Beach with a 30 foot sailboat and he gets a property tax bill for the spot of California over which his boat anchors. I thought rentals (slips or apartments) weren't subject to property taxes.

Also, I understand boats, motor and mobile homes are considered under the DMV and they are always considering registration fee and rate hikes all the time here in the People Republic of California.

SB Houseboat
by: Anonymous

Did the houseboat work out in Santa Barbara? I was considering the same.

Houseboat in South California
by: Anonymous

Well, you know Santa Barb is an ocean harbor and you can't take a houseboat out in the ocean, unless you plan to swim back.

I have houseboat number 5, a 47' Harbormaster. I live aboard, in North California on the "delta" near Stockton. There are 1100 miles of waterways up here, in case you want to go boating some time.

I am from South California and I'm surprised SB has live aboard slips. I bet the is a long waiting list. Anyway, good luck to you.

If you come to the Delta, there are a hundred or more marinas, from Sacramento to the SF bay.

Houseboat For Sale - happy to find your site
by: Jeannie

I have an elderly friend who owns a Nautaline 43' houseboat in very good shape. Twin GM engines (?motors), she has the pink slip, and is very anxious to sell it.

The boat is currently dry-docked in Ventura Harbor Marina. Please email me if you have any interest or need more information, with photos.

All the best, Jeannie Collins

Reply - Answer
Well Jeannie, your best bet to sell the boat is to place an ad on our free houseboat for sale classifieds.

IAN from

Just to clarify...
by: Anonymous

I am running a sort of a business now, and I need to establish a different address in California than the one that I currently have -which is my parents' home. They don't talk to me anymore, so getting material and so on is difficult when the communication is not reciprocated.

I want to buy an eco-friendly floating boat in SB because my cousin lives there and can take care of it for me. I will stay there when I come for holidays and so on with my son.

That way, I will impose on no one when I now start coming back to my America/California because that Obama will soon be in office, I am happy to be American again.

Houseboat moorage in Santa Barbara, CA
by: Nina Modi Du Rietz

I did some research on houseboat mooring in California, and found out that I can moor the houseboat in Santa Barbara, I think.

This is their web page, it is quite...cryptic, to say the least:

Does this mean that:

A 40ft boat (1 bedroom) will cost about 333$/month

53ft boat: 477/month

Living aboard addition is: 140/month??

Not that bad, I think! Much better than buying something on land and having to pay the mortgage on that, you know?

Now, I just have to go about getting a slip. Anyone? Any ideas?

PS: I already know which boat I want to get.

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