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Any amphibious houseboat RV style campers for land and water use?

by George
(Rockford, Michigan)

A sample of an amphibious boat for land and water.

A sample of an amphibious boat for land and water.

Looking for information on any amphibious houseboat RV style campers for land and water use.

Several years ago I was at a campground where an elderly gentleman had a very unique houseboat that he could also use as a RV style camper on land. It had stairs that folded out and down so he could climb into the boat and use it on land as a RV camper.

It was powered by a Ford v-8 engine, and not quite sure of the length. Does anyone have any info, or even know of the manufacturer of this type of interestingly unique boat?

Thanks, George.

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Reply - Answer
Well George, I can relate to your desire to find an amphibious houseboat rv style camper, since it would definitely serve two purposes.

At present I am not aware of any current houseboat manufacturers that are building anything similar to what you ask, yet many houseboat builders are making small trailerable houseboats.

You maybe interested in following a previous post regarding a similar request about identifying an older vintage amphibious trailerable houseboat that could be used on land and water.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about any amphibious houseboat RV camper experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Any amphibious houseboat RV style campers for land and water use?

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Saw this on youtube
by: Toocanooz

While this is probably way above the average houseboater's budget it is an awesome amphibious RV.

ultimate amphibious
by: weldeddreams

The AMPHIRANGER, a german built exclusive 4 wheel drive that does 20 in the water with an electric prop and a 3.0 v6 ford and does 90 on land.

Amphi-Ranger on Garda Lake 2013

Try the Travelwave 360
by: Anonymous

The Travelwave is a houseboat you can use on land in a campground and in the water. And best of all it definitely won't cost a fortune. This is a beautiful boat that can be trailered.

Amphibious Houseboats - It's a Duck!
by: Russell

I believe the amphibian boat pictured is refered to as a Duck. There are several in some tourist areas like the Florida Keys, I believe there is another in the Panama City Beach area and so forth. I think there was another one in Norfolk some years ago. I have seen several over the years.

These were old military vehicles that were converted into either tourist boats or privately owned and converted into amphibious RV's. They do NOT handle well either on land or water but are fun on either. They were commonly called DUCKS and deserved the name. But, they were fun to ride in.

Big diesel engines drank a lot of fuel to go nowhere very fast. They do catch the eye of onlookers as you hit the ramp and run into the water or hit the ramp from the water side and run ashore.

I don't know of any for sale but if you keep at it you may find one. Good Luck!

Amphibious RV - deep pockets required
by: Lee

If you have deep pockets, check out the Amphibious RV from Terra Wind starting at $850,000 at this link...

Identify Amphib

George from Rockford is looking at what at I think is a LARC-V, 5-ton US Military Amphibian, probably with a custom RV Conversion.

Sea camper
by: Anonymous

George, Check out There is a seacamper site for the old american made boats at yahoo groups.

also try

Two great groups, I am a member of them.
Also a great boat I have @

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