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Amphibious Driving Houseboat Project

by T Parseghian
(Aurora, NY, USA)

The MONSTER amphibious houseboat

The MONSTER amphibious houseboat "Beast of Burden"

After many months of delays and interruptions, with countless hours and money invested, the amphibious houseboat is finally done. Now, all that is left is the big test launch. The appropriately named "Beast Of Burden" will set sail for the first time Aug 23rd. That's when we find out if it has all been worth it ... Haha.

Here is the latest video of us attempting to start the beast....

It has been a crazy journey up to this point, but glad it's finally ending. Lots of people to thank, that without, there is no way would have made it to this point. Only one thing left to do, fingers crossed that it'll go smoothly.

First thing we'll do is upload the results to YouTube Wednesday night. Then, ideally we'll breath a deep sigh of relief and sip some champagne.

Thanks again for the support, hope to do you all proud with great success.


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Welcome Theon, and thanks for posting an update to your MONSTER amphibious houseboat driving project.

I see you guys (and girls) have been really busy this summer with teh project, and I have to say, CONGRATULATIONS on putting together such as project.

It must be a great feeling to see that last year it was just a "doodle' on a napkin, and this year the whole thing has come together... :)

Looking forward to seeing how things work out with the Youtube video updates.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their AMPHIBIOUS houseboat related experiences and tips.

Feel free to use the "click here to post comments" link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from All About Houseboats

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