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Alcan Houseboat - called Alloy Mfg, Alwest, Chimo, or Sea Villa boats

by Ian

Alcan Houseboats - a clean aluminum Alcan house boat

Alcan Houseboats - a clean aluminum Alcan house boat

When it comes to Alcan houseboats, these house boats were also known as Alcan, Alloy Manufacturing, Alwest, Chimo and Sea Villa and were very well built for their time.

For all those folks that enjoy aluminum planing houseboat hulls, with plenty of living space, these unique boats are still being used today.

They were manufactured in the late 1960's and continued into the 70's, and were built with strength and usability in mind.

From an engine or power-plant point of view, you can find them with OMC, Volvo, Mercruisers, and also the rare diesel engine setup.

They are not the largest houseboats around, but they range from the 29 foot model, up to the 43 foot size. Just the right size to get into small marinas, or to easily handle in the locks...

I personally have seen a few of them, and have always thought that the Alcans would be a great boat to use to travel the Great Loop or the ICW. They have plenty of power, and have a good hull, and high freeboard.

Now from a technical point of view, the best place I have found on the Internet for specifications or manufacturing details has to be from a fellow Alcan houseboat owner himself.

The website has all the information you could possibly need like specifications, brochures, schematics, and plenty of great Alcan photos.

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Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their Alcan houseboat experiences and stories. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

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Comments for Alcan Houseboat - called Alloy Mfg, Alwest, Chimo, or Sea Villa boats

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My canoe
by: Nichimaan

We purchased a 1970 Alcan 370 last year and have enjoyed 40+ hrs on her so far. Great boat. Solid and reliable engines. Twin Buick V6 dauntless. Some cosmetic work to do on cabin. Looking at vynil wrap.

Alcan website
by: Frenchy

Here's the most complete info you can get on these boats. David Pearson did a great job researching the history and setting up this site.

My Alcan on Erie Canal
by: BarbAnonymous

I bought a 34 ft Alcan Sea Villa in 1993. It has been such fun and cozy boat for 25yrs . I have been all over the Erie Canal and have it docked in a great Marina North of Syracuse. It is a real conversation piece. Even though I am alongside some very big expensive boats people still say I have their favorite boat. It was powered with 2 OMC IOS. I am thinking of having it refitted with outboard.Barbs Bliss is my bliss.

That's my Alcan!
by: Frenchy

That's my Alcan in your picture above. I've owned it for 13 years and still love it. These are great boats. Couldn't find a way to send you an updated pic.

Seattle Houseboats
by: Seattle Houseboats

Good stuff - we're always seeing new designs and architectural models for houseboats on Lake Union. Just keep working, there's no limit the new styles than can be created.

Aluminum and Fiberglass superstructures
by: Anonymous

I remember seeing some of the Alcan houseboats had complete aluminum superstructures, and some were made of wood/fiberglass.

The aluminum ones where some of the best as they require very little maintenance.

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