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A classic Yukon Delta houseboat, out for a Mississippi weekend adventure.

by Lenny
(Austin, Mn)

A well kept Yukon Delta houseboat, 25 feet, 1973

A well kept Yukon Delta houseboat, 25 feet, 1973

I have a Yukon Delta houseboat, a 25 foot, 1973 model, and I am going to the Mississippi this weekend. I hope she floats :)

Lenny, Austin, Mn

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Reply - Answer
Lenny, welcome to the houseboat forums, and congratulations on your fine looking Yukon Delta.

It's always nice to see these classic houseboats still being used, and in such good shape.

I am sure that this weekend will go well on the Mississippi, and that you'll attract plenty of curious onlookers.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their Yukon Delta houseboat experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for A classic Yukon Delta houseboat, out for a Mississippi weekend adventure.

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Picked up our 26' yukon
by: Tim

Just purchased our 1979 yukon delta 26'on a nice trailer.Absolutely love it.Looking to run this one on the Mississippi also.

1979 yukon delta
by: Tim

Heading over to hopefully purchase a 1979 yukon Delta 11. Looked at many pictures,and it seems to be in great condition.Comes with a nice trailer w/new tires. $14,500.Just wondering what I should be looking for when we check it out.

My 73 25footer with trailer
by: captainjosey east,texas

I got Mine in Ohio for $1000.00 gave brother inlaw $500.00 to bring it 2 Texas.sat it up Solar Now 90 hp mercury
I Love it.redid the inside no more pro pain

TO Capt Bill in PHX
by: BOB d.

If & when you decide to sell your Yukon Delta I would like to buy.
I want to take it up the road a bit to PAGE,AZ
and Lake Powell.
Had a Yukon Delta once upon a time, but do to family problems had to sell and it hurt,
Things are different today and I want one back.
I live in Mesquite, NV
email =

Bob Dudley, aka OLD GROUCH

First Yukon Delta
by: Cindy H

Hi all, we are in the process of buying our first Yukon Delta! She is a 1982 32' model that has been totally refurbished. We are so excited and can't wait for many exciting adventures.

Houseboat like a yukon delta
by: Bruce

Are there any houseboats like the Yukon Delta. Light weight, and easily trailerable?

Looking for a yukon delta
by: Bruce

Anyone know of a Yukon Delta houseboat for sale in the 2500
range. I live in South Carolina. Will travel to states close by.

Yukon Delta
by: Janos

Hey Lanny, just got a '74 25Ft boat like yours, except this one was going through a remodel and it is completely gutted out. Just a box on top of the boat with windows and doors.

The previous owner wanted to do something different than it was original and I think the wife pulled the plug on the project. Is this normally a low ceiling? I'm 5'11" and almost touching the ceiling.

Love to see some pictures of yours inside, or whatever information you might have on these ugly ducklings.

Thanks and happy boating, Janos.

We have a 1993 - 29' Yukon delta
by: Maurice

It has a 2004 tri-axle trailer, 230 hp Volvo io, flying bridge, full canopy, original nice shape, some sun damage bumper rail, needs some tlc on bridge floor and seats. The interior is 90%, and exterior 80%.

Would like to know the approximate value?

Nubie in the Yukon Delta family
by: Poyjas

Hi, great group you have! My wife and I just picked up a 1981 Yukon Delta 26ft in Richland WA with the 140hp Volvo i/o.

A bit of a fixer upper, engine & outdrive seem solid, inside is ratty but serviceable, but I see a complete rebuild of the roof structure in my near future.

I'm good with the structure part of the job, not so much on the sealing and resurfacing. Noodling over options, would love to hear your comments, stories, & suggestions.

Goal is be ready for some fun in the sun this summer on Lake Coeur d'Alene and Columbia River.

Refurbishing the cabin interior and floor are likely next winter projects. The "Yucky Duck" will ride again!

Former Yukon Delta 25' owner
by: Ron Grimes

I bought a 25 footer back around the early 80's. Us three brothers spent many, many days and nights on this little jewel. We pulled a 14' bass boat behind to do most of the fishing from.

I also took my wife and young daughter the entire length of
the Oklawaha river in Florida to Silver Springs park a distance of about 30 miles. What a beautiful trip.

I had a generator and small window a/c, so we kept cool during the warm Florida nights. As someone said earlier it's not designed for rough seas but if you just head into the wakes of passing boats it does great. Rivers and lakes are the best place to use it.

I have owned from 14' to 47' boats in my life and had more fun on the Yukon Delta than any. My brothers both agree. All enjoy. Ron Grimes / Lakeland, FL.

Yukon Delta houseboat history

Bill Mills was married to my sister Francis. Yukon Delta houseboats were built by them in Elkhart IND. If I can answer questions I would. They had no sons, just three daughters.


Love my Houseboat - great summer memories
by: Corrina

We have a 1975 Yukon Delta...absolutely love it. It is so unsinkable...bad in high winds, but we hunt for a bay and hunker down. We purchased ours about 5 years ago. It was never used as a houseboat, only as a floating diving board on a private pond.

The gas stove still had its original paper and had never ever been used. We spend 3-4 nights a month on it on Lake Champlain canal system...We can not wait til we retire and can spend all summer on it...she is in great shape and we plan on having it for a long time...

Gotta love houseboats - very nice site folks
by: Dave

Howdy folks... It was a pleasure finding your little site, as I lived aboard a sailboat for 18 years, and just got divorced.

Yep, it's time to get a boat and I'm thinking of one of these little gems... ya'll have fun

Yukon Delta
by: Anonymous

I'm in Canada-Ontario-and have a 26 foot Yukon Delta
and agree, just do a little cosmetic clean up touch-up
and get out on it to enjoy it, once you're out on the water that's the main thing.

I know where there's a wreck on a YD trailer for sale very cheap.
My trailer had to be built from a house-trailer frame trailer-lotsa work. Allan.

Yukon Delta, one perfect little boat.
by: Capt.Bill

I have a 1979 27ft Yukon Delta that I have had for over twenty years. It's the sweetest boat I have ever owned, and will not part with it, but I am getting a little old, and not able to take it out
as much as I would like, so I may sell it in the near future.

I have not seen many of them in Arizona but there's a few. They are a very well built boat and easy to handle.

Happy sailing from Phx Az.

Want more Delta's
by: Don Taylor

Could someone please give me a contact number for Bud´s son so I can talk about the restart of Delta Houseboats. My e-mail is Thanks

Yukon Delta houseboats
by: Greg Phillips

It is great, that you have found the boat you have wanted. Make sure you put in all the plugs...on my 25 and 32 footer, there is one you may miss just under the out drive on the transom.

You will be tempted to rearrange or rebuild this and that.... don't do it...for now, enjoy a little clean up and get out on it. I can tell you from experience, once you start taking something apart...then another and another...etc...

Were you fortunate to get the walk around planks that lift up from the sides? Your Yukon, can be dressed up with eBay or Craigslist finds...later on

Thank you, Greg Phillips

Francis and Bud Mills owned the company. but he died in 2002 and the son wanted to restart the company, but nothing came of it. The last Yukon built, that I know of, was 1992. They ranged in size from 23 to 38 feet.

A yukon delta houseboat
by: Greg Phillips

Hello Don Taylor, I just noticed your post concerning a want to restart the Yukon. The boat magazine writer that I got the information from, recently talked with me and I asked him if he had any follow up!

He said that he attempted reaching anyone in the family, concerning the Yukon, but came to a dead end. It is now five years since his first attempt.

Greg Phillips in Northern California

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