August is already coming to an end, and it seems like just yesterday that I sent our July edition. Has the time just flown by for you too?

Life on a houseboat can keep you busy, as there's always someone to see, some place to go, and always something that needs doing. I guess this holds true for everyone reading this, as time, is the one thing that never stops.

When it comes to the site, there's some fantastic additions coming for you in the near future. With your help and support, we are now coming close to 5,000 members, and almost 1,000 pages of tips and articles.

As always, we are grateful and appreciative of your continued support, and look forward to taking another step together in the growth ladder.

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    * What's New and Happening this Month *

  • Some of the popular houseboating topics are:
    Whether you're new, or a long time member of the Houseboat INSIDER, here are some of the popular houseboating topics to get you started.

    Are you looking to build a houseboat, or want some tips on buying a boat? You can use our free classifieds, or search for houseboats for sale, or see what bargains and bids are going on at the houseboat auctions.

    Are you in vacation mode and planning a houseboat rental, or maybe curious about living on a houseboat? You might be looking for insurance, marina locations, or someone for houseboat transport?

    Are you looking for self-help Books and DVD's, or interested in reading the forums tips and articles? Are you looking for a certain make, model, or manufacturer? Maybe a buyers review guide of parts & accessories, or you need some gift ideas?

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  • Some of this months Articles and Tips:
    Houseboating has a different meaning for everyone, and it's great to see and read about it, especially through the eyes and another boaters perspective. Here are some of this months articles.

    We'll be gathering some of the excellent posts each month, and we'll share them here for everyone to enjoy. We have chosen a few great stories, from the many post and comments that we receive:

    * Keeping cool during hot summer houseboating from Jerome in Florida.

    * The first ON WATER houseboat show on Sept 25-27, 2009 in Kentucky.

    * Dangerous driving and houseboat traffic from Suzanne in Ontario.

    * Tips on docking and driving houseboats from Brenda and Doug.

    * Hammocks are great for relaxing on houseboats from Ian & Manon.

    * Use an iPhone to plot, chart, and navigate a houseboats course.

    * Create custom houseboat names, lettering, numbers, and decals?

    If you have a story, tip, or memory to share, you can post it here.

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  • * This Months Topics & Articles *

    Another very busy month, with plenty of great articles to choose from.

    The 2009 ON WATER House Boat Show - don't miss a National Houseboat Expo

    New for 2009, the ON WATER House Boat Show, so don't miss the National Houseboat Expo being held at the State Dock Marina on Lake Cumberland, in

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Hammocks - swing on a hammock, relaxing on house boats.

    When it comes to houseboat hammocks, or to swing on a hammock, it surely is best way to totally relax on house boats. I first got a taste of

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Custom Houseboat Graphics - vinyl numbers, names, logos, and decals.

    When it comes to custom houseboat graphics, you can spruce up house boats with custom vinyl boat names, registration numbers, decals, logos, and boat

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Docking 101 - how to drive & dock house boats with outboards, inboards, sterndrives.

    The houseboat docking 101 series helps boaters understand how to drive & dock house boats with single or dual engine, outboards, inboards, or

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Navigation Charts - use iPhone GPS software on house boats

    When it comes your houseboat and navigation charts, you can now use the iPhone GPS with marine software to chart and plot your trips on your house

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Summer Houseboating - use the wind and breeze to keep cool on houseboats

    When it comes to summer houseboating, I tend to use the wind and breeze to keep cool on our houseboat. Luckily, I have my houseboat at a great

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Traffic - responsible for swamping waves, and dangerous driving maneuvers?

    The houseboat traffic on the Rideau Canal is plentiful, and sometimes there's swamping waves from dangerous driving maneuvers from speeding nearby

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Alcan Houseboat - called Alloy Mfg, Alwest, Chimo, or Sea Villa boats

    When it comes to Alcan houseboats, these house boats were also known as Alcan, Alloy Manufacturing, Alwest, Chimo and Sea Villa and were very well

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Three Buoys Houseboats - buy my custom designed 3 bouys houseboat back.

    When the new owners of my custom designed Three Buoys houseboat put her up For Sale, I just knew that I had to buy her back. I am so glad that I did.

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Energy Savings Tips - power consumption of computers and laptops

    If your interested in houseboat energy savings, have a look at the power consumption of desktop computers, laptops, and netbooks to compare the amount

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Hybrid Houseboats - any electric, solar, or paddle wheel propulsion house boat?

    When it comes to hybrid houseboats, is there any electric, solar, or paddle wheel propulsion aluminum house boat around? I think an aluminum Marinette

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Living with Dogs - the Animal Planets show, UnderDog to WonderDog

    Since my wife and I love living on our houseboat with our two dogs, we wanted to know who would be interested in adopting a rescue shelter dog for an

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Props - 3 or 4 blade propellers better for control, docking, handling on house boats?

    When it comes to houseboat props, is a 3 blade or 4 blade propellers better for control, docking, and handling in windy conditions? We have a new 55

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    MetroShip Houseboats - the first modern production houseboat

    I wanted to let the houseboat community know about our new modern houseboat. It's been a 7 year process to design. The boat can be aluminum, steel

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Financing a Houseboat

    Houseboat financing and boat loans are sometimes confusing for new or used houseboat buyers. But in reality, there's many options available for

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboats and Electrical Storms - are lightning strikes safe on a house boat?

    My question is about houseboats and electrical storms, and wonder if we're safe on a house boat when lightening strikes while aboard or out on the

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    First Year Houseboating - the 1st year stories after buying a houseboat

    After our first year of houseboating, here's our stories and experiences about the 1st year after buying our houseboat. We are first year

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Sunsets - Sunset from Murray River house boats

    When it comes to houseboat sunsets, I thought I'd share a sunset from the Murray River. I saw a sunset photo, so I thought I would post on from the

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Sunsets - waiting for the next great sunset on house boats.

    Great houseboat moments have to include great sunsets. We have been on the lake for 14 years on other peoples and our own boat. This year we decided

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Sales Brochures - original photos, manuals, brochures available?

    Looking to find a houseboat sales brochures, or if any original photos, manuals, or houseboat manufacturers brochure still available? I have had

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Unique Houseboat Blog

    The END for now, see you next edition.

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