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HB Insider - I promise that it's coming...
February 26, 2017

As February is coming to an end, many of you are already planning and preparing for the spring houseboating season that is just around the corner. Stay strong my friends, winter is going to end, I PROMISE... :)

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* The TIP of the Month *

Houseboating is constantly growing in popularity and there's so many new things to see & learn. This is where we can help you "get the most" out of your boats & boating activities.

Is there a better propeller for my houseboat?

Because of their size and windage, houseboats are notoriously difficult to handle, and especially harder to go in reverse or stop.

Your propeller transmits engine power to the water and when you are maneuvering or docking your boat, this is where a RHC Prop can make a huge difference.

Houseboat Propellers

You deserve the chance to see how a RHC Prop can take the stress out of your maneuvering & docking future.

That's our Tip Of The Month, so let's return to our newsletter...

Sincerely, IAN
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* Reader Submitted Posts & Articles *

Every month we highlight some of the best reader submitted articles to showcase various houseboat related topics. Click a link to start reading.

* Water infiltration and rear deck extension for a houseboat?

* Wild Projects: Building an amphibious TRACTOR / houseboat.

* There's a loud hum noise when running my houseboat 12v lights?

* New to Houseboating? *

Statistics show that not all the Houseboat Insider subscribers actually own a houseboat. Many of our new readers may be looking to buy a houseboat, and others may be searching the classified ads, or may be looking to buy a new boat, or may be wanting to transport a boat, or looking to finance a boat, or looking for a great vacation rental deal?

Here's some other links to tips on buying a boat, transporting a boat, building a houseboat, insurance for houseboats, marine surveys, classified ads, and houseboat rentals. We hope you find the links useful, and do enjoy the website, IAN.

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  • The END for now, see you next edition.

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