Summer and Houseboats, what a Great Combination. What better than some new tips and ideas for you!

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It's been another amazing month here with plenty of new subscribers. We wish all the new readers a warm welcome. Summer is finally here, so you have all most likely been very busy lately, since the warm weather seems to bring everyone outdoors.

We hope you enjoy this edition as much as we had putting it together.
Safe Houseboating, Ian & Manon.

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  • Product Review of the Month.

    Every month you'll see product reviews to future enhance your budget and houseboating enjoyment. We'll look for items that are invaluable to the beginner or experienced boater.

    This months item is a new sponsor that has been involved in creating excellent instructional and educational boating video's & dvd's. Because of an overwhelming positive feedback from our readers, we decided that we should share this with you all.

    You're interested in becoming a confident captain, or just want to learn more in order to buy you're first houseboat, there's topics that will be of interest to everyone. buying tips, boat handling, anchoring, boating skills,

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    * This Months Topics & Articles *

    Another very busy month, with plenty of great articles to choose from.

    Exporting or shipping a used houseboat overseas?

    I am interested in buying a used houseboat and having it shipped overseas to Norway as a vacation home in one of their beautiful fjords. Do you have

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Any Winter or Cold Climate Houseboat Living Tips?

    The idea of living on a houseboat during the winter intrigues me. What modifications are involved for winter and do you know anyone living on a

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Fiberglass versus aluminum hull houseboat?

    I am considering buying a used Gibson houseboat. I was told by an owner that they have to be removed from the slip, and the fiberglass hull sanded,

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Long term rental for a floating clubhouse style houseboat

    I am looking for a company that can offer a long term lease on a large floating clubhouse design houseboat rental that can be tied up to our docks in

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat driving instructional videos and dvd

    We have just purchased a houseboat and would like to find a video that has instructions for driving, docking, anchoring, storm safety etc so that it

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Best 50 foot Houseboat to Buy?

    What are the pros and cons of a pontoon style houseboat? Should we get an aluminum or fiberglass houseboat? What about floor construction, inboard,

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Alternative Energy choices?

    I am wondering if a source is available for alternative energy houseboat plans? I want to be completely off the grid using solar, hydro, or wind

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    European or South American Houseboat Travel

    I would like to use a houseboat for European or South American travel? Can anyone tell me about an ocean journey they (or just their houseboat being

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat insurance, survey, and moorage etc.

    I'm thinking about buying a homemade custom built houseboat. It looks to be very nice. I need to know the logistics about the houseboat insurance

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Is a houseboat suitable to travel the ocean?

    I'm wondering if houseboats are designed, or if there are any designed, to travel the oceans and go from country to country? Also, are there any

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Myacht Houseboats

    Wondering what information is available about Myacht Houseboats? Can anyone tell me anything about a Myacht? Are they good or bad? What are the pros &

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Nautaline Houseboat trailer and weight

    I have a 1968 33' Nautaline Houseboat V Hull Fiberglass ? What do you think it weighs? I am trying to buy a Houseboat Trailer for it. Thanks Phillip

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Financing a Houseboat

    I am a columnist for the New York Times and I answer questions from readers. One reader has asked if financing a houseboat is the same as financing a

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    KingsCraft Houseboat sleeping area

    All Aluminum, good design. Highly regarded for strength and

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Carri-Craft Catamaran Houseboat?

    The catamaran houseboat picture above is very appealing. It looks like a catamaran house boat, and the hull looks great. Can you please tell me who

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Refurbishing a Rental Pontoon Houseboat

    We are thinking of buying an older pontoon houseboat that was used as a rental houseboat unit in Okanagan Lake, BC. Our opinion is to gut the entire

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Weight and Displacement of a Houseboat

    What is the average weight of a houseboat per square foot in plan? I plan to design and build my own houseboat and for starters I need to calculate

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Complaints while Anchoring or Mooring our Houseboat

    We get complaints while mooring or anchoring our houseboat. Is there a rule of thumb or specific law regarding where to anchor a houseboat? There is a

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Has anyone ever converted an old travel trailer into a houseboat?

    Has anyone ever converted an old travel trailer into a houseboat? If so, how did it work out? If not, why? I was thinking it might be easier to use

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Where to buy a Pontoon Frame to Build your own Houseboat?

    Where do you go to buy a basic houseboat pontoon frame in order to start building my own houseboat? That is the question- I know what I want to do-

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Unique Houseboat Blog

    The END for now, see you next edition.

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