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November 25, 2017

Most of the houseboats have been winterized by now, unless you are lucky enough to live far down south. It's always easier to do it while the weather is still fairly mild instead of waiting for the really chilly stuff.

Since November is coming to an end, that means that there is less than a month till Christmas. You want to get a head start, as there is only 30 crazy shopping days left... :)

Let's get going and dive into this month's newsletter right away, IAN.

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* The TIP of the Month *

Houseboating is constantly growing in popularity and there's so many new things to see & learn. This is where we can help you "get the most" out of your boats & boating activities.

Using an iPhone to Navigate a Houseboat?

When it comes to cruising around on your houseboat, the captain has the responsibility of keep the people and boat safe and sound. The captain wants to keep teh boat safe from running aground and knowing how to get to his destinations.

Houseboat Navigation Charts with iPhone GPS marine applications

What navigation software do you use?
Times have changes, many of us are using iPads, smartphones, with marine navigation software installed. What are you using to chart and track your travel destinations? Share you thoughts and feelings about smartphone navigation.

That's our Tip Of The Month, so let's return to our newsletter...

Sincerely, IAN

* Reader Submitted Posts & Articles *

Every month we highlight some of the best reader submitted articles to showcase various houseboat related topics. Click a link to start reading.

* Does a houseboat need to come out of the water for a survey?

* What are you thoughts about letting my houseboat freeze in the lake?

* I'm now thinking and planning on building a second BIG house boat.

* New to Houseboating? *

Statistics show that not all the Houseboat Insider subscribers actually own a houseboat. Many of our new readers may be looking to buy a houseboat, and others may be searching the classified ads, or may be looking to buy a new boat, or may be wanting to transport a boat, or looking to finance a boat, or looking for a great vacation rental deal?

Here's some other links to tips on buying a boat, transporting a boat, building a houseboat, insurance for houseboats, marine surveys, classified ads, and houseboat rentals. We hope you find the links useful, and do enjoy the website, IAN.

* Our Popular Website Pages *

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  • The END for now, see you next edition.

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