Now that the hot weather is here, the hectic pace of daily life seems to slow right down once you're on the boat. Folks everywhere are swimming, fishing, entertaining, and just plain relaxing. Now that's the beauty of being out on the water.

What makes your time on your houseboat special and memorable? Is it where you go, or is it about the people on board that make it all unforgettable. Take a moment and tell us about it here, and share your tips with other boaters.

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    * What's New and Happening this Month *

  • Great Houseboat Stories!
    Houseboating has a different meaning to everybody, and it's really nice to able to read and see the houseboating world through the eyes, and from another boaters perspective.

    We'll be gathering some of the excellent posts each month, and we'll share them here for everyone to enjoy. We have chosen a few great stories, from the many post and comments that we receive:

    * How to find the ultimate BBQ for your houseboat? from John.

    * A families major houseboat rebuilding project from Nancy in Garner NC.

    * A bit of Riverqueen houseboat history, with photo's. from Bob of Bethel Isl.

    If you have a story, tip, or memory to share, you can post it here.

  • Don't miss the Discover Boating Contest (win up to $10,000)
    What better way to start the boating season with a chance to win up to $10,000 for sharing your photos & videos, and what go you started into boating, or into houseboating. You all have great stories, and can...

  • Get some extra spending money, by using the free Classifieds!
    Are you finding the storage areas on your houseboat getting full? Use our free Classifieds section to sell your space gathering odds & ends, and help other houseboaters who need them.

  • Are you looking to Buy a Boat? Learn the Tips and Secrets!

    Buy The Right BoatWe get hundreds of emails from folks who are looking for help in finding the right houseboat, and at a great price.

    We know that it can be an intimidating experience, and it is easy to buy the wrong boat, and especially to pay too much for it.

    That's why I highly recommend a great book, or eBook, from Doug who has spent his lifetime testing, inspecting, evaluating, and involved with everything related to boats.

    It's truly the quickest way to become a knowledgeable boat buyer that buys the right houseboat, and at a great price. I wouldn't go out shopping without it!

    And there is now 4 special reports included for free, and it all could easily save you thousands of dollars. Don't wait, have a look, and judge for yourself. IAN.

  • * This Months Topics & Articles *

    Another very busy month, with plenty of great articles to choose from.

    Houseboat & Pontoon Boats - plans for building a combination together design

    My wife & I are thinking of building a houseboat / pontoon boat combo, together design. The basic idea is that there is a main houseboat that is 16'

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Flag - any custom printed flags for house boats?

    We want to buy a houseboat flag, and we're looking for high quality or custom printed flags to use on house boats? We have seen the ones from Walmart,

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Holding Tank Hoses - a septic sanitation hose has permeated?

    Trying to change a septic sanitation hose that has permeated on our houseboat, and we need some help in troubleshooting the project. We recently

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Thruster Control - Sideshift Bow and Stern Thrusters for docking?

    When it comes to houseboat docking control in windy or adverse conditions, does anyone have any experience with Sideshift stern thrusters? I have a

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Sizes for Houseboat Living - what size of house boats for live aboards?

    You're thinking of houseboat living, and wonder what sizes of house boats are good for live-aboards, here is an overview of why I chose to build my

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Original River Queen houseboat photos, history, brochures, and pictures.

    I have an old Brochure with some original River Queen houseboats, and photos from my old job at Richards Yacht Sales Oakey /Bethel Island, CA that I'd

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Living - boat designs for freezing, heating, winter, ice and snow.

    When it comes to winter houseboat living, here are some designs for freezing winter, ice, and snow. I've been considering houseboat living for quite

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Family Houseboat Living on House Boats Full-Time?

    Is houseboat living for a family of 4 possible full-time, and what should we be concerned about beforehand? Hi Houseboater's Around the World, we are

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Monthly Houseboat Budget - the costs to run, own, or operate house boats?

    Any ideas on a monthly budget for houseboat expenses and costs to own or run house boats? My girlfriend and I are talking about saving for a

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat SUP - stand up paddling for house boats?

    Aloha, I wanted to know if you have seen very much stand up paddling happening on lakes? I called a few houseboat rental companies to see if they

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Tank Level Gauges - fresh water, holding tank sensors monitors?

    When it comes to houseboat gauges that monitor the level of grey water, freshwater, or holding tank levels, what types of sensors and monitors are

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat BBQ - choosing a barbeque or gas cooking grills for house boats.

    I am looking at installing a BBQ on our houseboat, and wonder if gas cooking grills are a good choice for house boats? I'd like to find the ultimate

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    A real houseboat story - can house boats bring peace and enjoyment?

    Can house boats really bring peace and enjoyment, well here's our real houseboat story of how we finally found it. We've been married 32 years and

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Aquahome Chris Craft houseboat owners manuals

    I have a 1972 46' Aquahome Chris Craft houseboat, and I found some manuals, as I've been restoring it for the past two years. The 46' Aquahome came

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Lazy Days Houseboat - a refurbish remodel restore project for the family.

    Our family story to rebuild, restore, and refurbish a Lazy Days houseboat project. We were CRAZY to buy this old steel hull, 1966, 45 ft. Lazy Days

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    The growth of All about Houseboats,
    SBI Review and Media Success of

    Here is a SBI review, and a quick glance at the growth and media success of since its start in the competitive online

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    A classic Yukon Delta houseboat, out for a Mississippi weekend adventure.

    I have a Yukon Delta houseboat, a 25 foot, 1973 model, and I am going to the Mississippi this weekend. I hope she floats :) Lenny, Austin, Mn

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Weekends - any tips for mini holidays on house boats?

    When it comes to spending long weekends on a houseboat, what are your tips to spend quality time on your house boats? Do you prepare everything during

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Discover Houseboats - participate in a $10,000 contest at Discover Boating

    As part of our Discover Houseboating series, there's a contest at Discover Boating, and it's available for houseboats too! You have a chance to win

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Gray Water - treat or filter grey water on house boats?

    New laws for houseboat gray water, or to treat or filter grey water on house boats are coming into effect in the near future. I have a fleet of

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Unique Houseboat Blog

    The END for now, see you next edition.

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