Is your boat ready for storage, or hanging decorations for halloween?

For some houseboaters, it's a very colorful Halloween time of year, and for others, it's a sad time of year because it's time to prepare the house boat for storage. It all depends on what part of the hemisphere you're in?

With the end of October upon us, we have two sections that will interest you, one is the popular Houseboat Storage Tips, and the other Houseboat Party Ideas.

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We want to wish all our new readers a warm welcome, since this has been another exceptional month for Houseboat Insider subscriptions.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we had putting it together.
Safe Houseboating, Ian & Manon.

** What's New You Ask? **

  • What's New, and been happening this month.

  • The Houseboat Forums are a great success.

  • Here's the latest Articles, Tips, and Reviews.

  • What's New, and been Happening this Month.

  • Looking for Houseboat Storage Tips? The following articles are:
    Outdoor Winter Storage Tips for Houseboats
    Houseboat Storage Tips - How to Winterize for Winter
    How to Lift & Block Houseboats for Storage

  • Looking for Halloween Party Ideas?
  • If you're thinking of throwing a Halloween bash on the houseboat, here's the Top-10 Houseboat Party Ideas to make it an unforgettable evening.

  • There's now a new Houseboat Show in town, and it's called the International Houseboat Fest, and it's gearing up to be major player. As to the other popular houseboat show, it's the National Houseboat Expo, and it's held in Louisville KY. As usual, I'm always looking forward to going to the houseboat show, so I guess this year, I'll have to go to both. Will I be seeing you there?

    Have you already been to a houseboat show? Tell us about it here, as there maybe many readers whom are contemplating going, and I'm sure that they would love to read about positive feedback on the show before planning the trip.

    International Houseboat Fest show - IHF
    International Houseboat Fest, in Louisville KY, on Jan 29-31, 2009.

    National Houseboat Expo show
    National Houseboat Expo, also in Louisville KY, on Feb 20-22, 2009.

  • The Houseboat Forums are a Great Success!

    The new forums have been a great success, and thank you to all that have contributed or posted. It's amazing some of the excellent questions and comments that we receive from our readers and visitors.
    It's nice to see the forums are truly a "Help, and be Helped" central.

    Houseboat Forums for all House Boats

    You can now easily Search, Find, Read, and Share your Thoughts, Ideas, Comments, Tips, and Articles, which in turn can help you, and the websites other visitors and readers. Go ahead, and give the Forums a try and see for yourself how easy it is.

    * This Months Topics & Articles *

    Another very busy month, with plenty of great articles to choose from.

    Mold and Mildew in Houseboats

    HELP! How can I keep the mold and mildew from growing inside my houseboat during winter storage? It's stored outside and covered with a tap over a

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    How to Lift and Block Houseboats for Storage?

    How to go about lifting and blocking a houseboat for winter storage? I just purchased a 1969 Nautaline houseboat, 34 foot, single Chrsyler 318. I was

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Large 80ft pontoon houseboat

    Looking for building plans for bulkheads on a large pontoon houseboat? Here are a few of the drawings I made for the pontoons. If anyone wants to

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Upgrades and winterize an aluminum Kingscraft Houseboat

    Going to upgrade and winterize a Kingcraft houseboat. We are closing on an all aluminum Kingscraft houseboat this week, and are looking for a spray on

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Rules and Regulations for pontoon houseboats.

    What are the rules and regulations for building a pontoon houseboat? What is a good web address that identifies the rules and regulations that

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Chris-Craft 33' Aquahome Houseboat

    We've recently acquired our 1969 Chris-Craft Houseboat and have it at home to redo the interior over the winter months. It currently is white with

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Winter Houseboat Storage - any tips on how to winterize your boat?

    It's time for winter houseboat storage, and wondering how to winterize your boat? I don't want the cold weather to cause any damage to our houseboat.

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Drain plugs on houseboats

    Drain Plugs on houseboats are generally to let water out, but sometimes drain plugs can let water in. Does anyone know where the drain plugs are

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Building a Large Pontoon Houseboat

    I have decided to build a house boat, a large wide pontoon houseboat. And here is how I designed, calculated, and planned it all out. To start with,

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Any Houseboat Trailers For Rent?

    Looking to rent a houseboat trailer, any ideas? Where would I rent a houseboat trailer to haul a 35ft houseboat? Ohio to Indiana 300 miles. I found

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Solar power energy and hurricanes

    Solar power energy is so far the best source of electricity for houseboats, or a non dockside house, but there can be problems. In this post I will

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Nautaline houseboat cruisers

    I have had the pleasure of living on board a 48 foot Nautaline houseboat cruiser for the past several summers, which is based just north of Toronto.

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Lake Powell Houseboat Rentals - Any cancellations, cheap, last minute deals?

    Looking at Lake Powell houseboat rentals, and am wondering if there's any cancellations, or cheap last minute deals to be had? Let me know how I can

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Convert or add an RV travel trailer to simple cheap pontoon house boats?

    Is it possible make some pontoon house boats out of converting a travel trailer, to be like RV houseboat trailers? Could it be as simple as adding

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Any good houseboats for sale in Florida?

    Where to find cheap houseboats for sale in Florida? Looking for some good houseboats for sale in Florida on the west coast, so that I could fix up.

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Sizes of Houseboats - What size is good for houseboat living?

    Looking at different sizes of houseboats, and wondering what's a good size for a couple thinking and planning on houseboat living? My husband and I

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Any Houseboats For Sale in California - Where to moor it?

    Starting to look for any houseboats for sale in California? I am in the market for a houseboat, but I want to moor it in South California. Do you

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Find a water leak on a houseboat?

    I have a water leak in my Gibson houseboat that I can't seem to find? Water collects in the front bow area where the bilge pump is. The leaking water

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Insurance - Where to get a house boat insured?

    I'm looking for houseboat insurance, and wondering where to go to get my house boat insured? I'm trying to get houseboat insurance on my 1970 Gibson

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboats with twin gas fuel tanks and one engine, run on 1 or 2 tanks?

    My houseboat has twin gas tanks, should I run on 1 or 2, both fuel gas tanks simultaneously? I just bought a Nautaline houseboat, and it has one

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Unique Houseboat Blog

    The END for now, see you next edition.

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