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View from Houseboat
The view from the front of a houseboat.


First, let me apologize for the "long list" of new articles, however, that's my job isn't it, to create lots of great interesting content for the site?

You asked fo r it, you now have it!
Many of our readers asked if it was possible to share & contribute their knowledge & experience with the site. Voila, the new HOUSEBOAT CAFE.
An interactive level so that you can participate and interact with the site.

We already have some great contributions from our readers. Have a look at the links below, and try it out for yourself. We love your feedback.

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* This Months Topics & Articles *

Pontoon House Boat

It was a fishing pontoon houseboat that served us well. It wasn't the prettiest, but it sure was practical, and as a group of young guys, we had

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Houseboats on the Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Rideau Canal system is one of Ontario's most beautiful and unique places to go houseboating. The canal or winding river goes from Ottawa and

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1971 Chris Craft Aquahome houseboat

This Chris Craft houseboat was an oldie, but definitely a favorite houseboat, since it was in impeccable shape and it always got great comments from

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Houseboat Plans on How to Build a Houseboat, with free plans as a bonus

Houseboat Plans on How to Build your own Houseboat, with Free Plans as a Bonus.

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Book on Dream Houseboat Building

After reading a great little book on one families dream of building their houseboat, I realized that I had to share it with you. For any of you that are contemplating "building, or renovating" a boat, this is for You! Enjoy, IAN...

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Pontoon House Boats are excellent, Tips, Video's, Plans, Building a Houseboat

Pontoon House Boats are the best, with Plans, Video, Tips, Ideas on Building your Own Pontoon Houseboat, FAQ's...

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Vacation on Shuswap Houseboat Rental with Video, Tips, Marinas and House Boat ..

Guide to Shuswap Houseboat Rental with Info, Tips, Video, House Boat marinas

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Building a House Boat with simple Houseboat Plans, Tips, Ideas, and Designs

Tips on Building a House Boat with free Houseboat Plans, Designs, Tips and Ideas

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Information on Lake Mead Houseboats with Video, Tips, Rentals, Marinas

Learn about Lake Mead Houseboats with Tips, Video, Rentals, Marinas and FAQs

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Tips on Amsterdam Houseboats, with Video, Maps, Attractions, Rentals, Photos

Tips & Video on Amsterdam Houseboats with Photos, Maps, Rentals, and Attractions

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Florida Houseboat Rentals are great choices for Families or Groups.

Plan a Florida Houseboat Rentals Vacation now, Great choice for people loving adventure.

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Are Catamaran Houseboats a Pontoon, Cruiser, or a House Boat.

Catamaran Houseboats, are they a Pontoon, Cruiser, or a House Boat?

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Free Houseboat Plans and Designs for Building a House Boat or Pontoon

Free Houseboat Plans to Build a House Boat or Pontoon, construction design

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Yes, with House Boat Plans, you can Build your Own Houseboat!

Yes, with House Boat Plans, you can Build your Own House Boat.

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Planning Guide for Houseboat Shasta Lake with Tips, Ideas, FAQ, and Resources

How to Guide on Houseboat Shasta lake, Tips, Ideas, FAQ, and Reviews

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The best of Trailerable Houseboats with details, photos, tips and FAQs

The best of Trailerable Houseboats, with Tips, FAQs, Used, For Sale, and Survey

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Like I said previously, I do apologize for such a LONG LIST of new articles. It's been a very very busy month, and I just had to share it with you all!

The last month before The Houseboat Show!

houseboat ExpoA Big Houseboat Event every year is the National Houseboat Expo since it is the worlds largest Houseboat Show. We went
to the show in 2007, and it was a BLAST.

Where else can you get to visit houseboats ranging from 30 feet to over 100 feet, all of this in one place, and in one afternoon?
It's on March 14-16, 2008, in Louisville, KY.

The END for now, see you next edition.

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