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Now that 2009 is here, and with President Obama's inauguration under our belt, I am sure that the whole world felt the energy and excitement. Now, if we were to compare houseboats to politics, I might say that "Great Ships, need Great Captains". So captain, full steam ahead... :)

We hope you enjoy this edition as much as we had putting it together.
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** What's New You Ask? **

  • What's New, and been happening this month.

  • Here's the latest Articles, Tips, and Reviews.

  • What's New, and been Happening this Month.

  • Al Gore loves Houseboats, now what about President Obama?
    It has been an amazing historical past few days with the inauguration of President Barack Obama. With this new found hope and beginning, I just wish that President Obama loves houseboats as much as Al Gore loves them. It would definitely help with any future rules, and regulations. If you missed it, Al Gore has a beautiful 100 ft solar powered houseboat.

  • WOW, we served 1,000,000 pages for our Readers and Visitors.
    I want to thank you all, as we broke a record with over a million pages being served to our web site visitors. It's a great feeling to help so many people, and by the emails we receive, you are all enjoying the site :)

  • Houseboat Advertising = Targeted Traffic and More Sales!
    Attention to all the related businesses, are you looking to increase traffic and sales? Our advertising rates will be reasonably priced, and will drive sales your way. It's coming shortly, and if you would like to know more, and be added on our notify list, send me a quick note to let me know.

  • Seminars at the International Houseboat Fest.
  • Now for some great news, Manon and I have been chosen to present the Seminars being held at the International Houseboat Fest in Louisville, KY. When at the show, do come by and say hello, and get a special gift for being at the show.

  • Come and Join Us at the Shows.
  • Don't forget the two great Houseboat Shows that are coming up. They are both held in Louisville KY, and are set for early 2009. Don't wait, book your tickets now, and looking forward to seeing you there.

    International Houseboat Fest, in Louisville KY, on Jan 29-31, 2009.
    The National Houseboat Expo, in Louisville KY, on Feb 20-22, 2009.
    International Houseboat Fest - IHF
    National Houseboat Expo show
    Have you already been to a houseboat show? Tell us about it here, as there may be many readers who are contemplating going, and I'm sure that they would love to read some positive feedback on the show before planning the trip.

    * This Months Topics & Articles *

    Another very busy month, with plenty of great articles to choose from.

    Houseboat Sinking Problems - Flooded, Frozen, and Sunken House Boat Hull

    I have problems with a sunken flooded, and frozen houseboat hull. My hull is flooded and full of water that is frozen. I caught it just in time as the

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Living - Are houseboats good to live mortgage free?

    Thinking of living on a houseboat, and wonder if I can live mortgage free on a house boat? I am looking to purchase a houseboat to live aboard while I

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Thinking of buying and living on a houseboat, where to buy and live?

    I am thinking of buying and living on a houseboat, and looking where to buy and live? I am looking for a nice, warm place to live, and just need some

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Maximum size motor or horsepower on a pontoon boat?

    What's the maximum size of motor or horsepower that goes on a pontoon boat. I have an older pontoon boat and the capacity plate is missing. Can

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Tips and Information - Marine Grounding Electrical System

    Any houseboat tips or information for grounding marine electrical systems? When wiring houses, etc. we drive a copper rod into the ground for the

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboat Repairs, Fixing Fiberglass - Soft Decks on Gibson houseboats

    Houseboat Repairs - Any tips on fixing fiberglass soft decks on older Gibson houseboats. I have soft lower decks on my 1986, 32 foot Gibson houseboat.

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Are Carri-Craft houseboats good for coastal navigation, island hopping?

    Wondering if Carri-Craft houseboats are good for coastal navigation and short island hopping? I am interested in buying a used Carri-Craft houseboat

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Free Houseboat Tips and Lessons - Check or Charge the Batteries First!

    Todays free houseboat tips and lessons is to check and charge the batteries first. From now on it will be my first step in diagnosing 12 volt

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Small Trailerable Houseboats + Kids = the best houseboat vacations ever!

    Small trailerable houseboats, combined with some kids, and you've got a recipe for the best houseboat vacations that you could ever imagine. Here's a

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Installing new fresh water tanks in a houseboat

    Installing new fresh water tanks in a houseboat can be an intimidating experience. This was definitely a scary moment. One of the two 58 gal water

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Do houseboats need a marine refrigerator, won't a regular fridge work on house boats?

    I'm new to house boats, but wondering why a marine refrigerator is so expensive on houseboats? Won't a regular fridge work in its place? To save some

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Houseboats are my ultimate heaven - What do you love about your boat?

    Houseboats are my ultimate heaven, what do you love about your house boat? First, let me begin by saying thank you for the opportunity to express

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Simple Houseboat Tips and Solutions - photos, schematics, and drawings.

    Simple houseboat tips, ideas, and solutions. Take photos, drawings, and schematics to remember how it all came apart, and how it should all go back

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Trailerable Combo Cruiser Houseboats - 22' Combo-Cruiser--"Bubbles"

    The trailerable Combo Cruiser houseboats were an innovation far ahead of it's time. This house boat was built in Mishawaka, IN in the late sixties

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Any used houseboats for sale in the Bahamas?

    Any used houseboats for sale in the Bahamas? I'm interested in finding out if there are any good used house boats for sale in the Bahama island area?

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Any info on the manufacturer or builder of the trailerable Solitaire houseboat?

    Looking for any info about the trailerable Solitaire houseboat manufacturer builder? I have a 1973, 20' Solitaire houseboat with a fiberglass planing

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    The best houseboats for the Great Loop - a planing, displacement, or a trawler?

    The best houseboats to travel the Great Loop, do I get a planing, semi displacement, or a trawler? That's a question that gets discussed often. I'm

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Fix Leaks and Leaking Houseboat Roofs - Do you rebuild, repair, or replace?

    Find and fix houseboat roof leaks, and do I rebuild, repair, or replace the complete surface? I just bought a 1972 Stardust houseboat that has a

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Interior Houseboat Upgrades - remodeling cabinets, furniture ...

    Looking at upgrades to the interior houseboat furniture, cabinets, and atmosphere. I have a 1983 Harbor Master houseboat that I live on. I bought

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Luxury Vacation Houseboat Charters - Equipped with a Captain and Crew

    Looking at luxury vacation houseboat charters, fully equipped with a captain and a crew, for those folks that want a hands off approach to a luxury

    Permalink -- click for full blog post

    Unique Houseboat Blog

    The END for now, see you next edition.

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