Yukon Delta houseboat, is this a rare model of house boats?

by John
(Dallas TX)

Is this boat called a Yukon Delta houseboat?

Is this boat called a Yukon Delta houseboat?

Is the Yukon Delta houseboat a rare model, since I can't seem to find any? I found this one for sale at www.ablboats.com.

I saw another classified ad for one, but the gentleman doesn't have any pictures of it, so I wonder if this is what he means by a Yukon Delta boat?

Thanks for looking, John.

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Reply - Answer
Well John, welcome to the houseboat forums, and yes, this appears to be a Yukon Delta model.

They were a great model for their time, yet they have been out of business for many years.

When you look at these, you can see some of the features are still present in houseboats built today, and I think the owners should try and keep them alive.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their Yukon Delta houseboat experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Yukon Delta houseboat, is this a rare model of house boats?

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Wanting a Yukon Delta to fix up
by: Bruce

Anyone know of an inexpensive Yukon Delta for sale near South Carolina. I could use a fixer upper.

Thanks, Bruce

Yukon info
by: Greg Phillips

The 1976 25 3/4 Yukon came with a 50 hp outboard or a 130/140 Volvo inboard. The 75hp should be fine.

If you need a spare tire, they can normally be found at mobile home transport companies or parks that have taken off the axles and set them aside.


Boat specs
by: Anonymous

Where can I find a manual for my 1976 25 ft Yukon Delta Outboard model. How much weight can it handle?

I've got a 2004 75 HP 4 stroke outboard I want to put on it.

Yukon info
by: Greg Phillips

I have rebuilt/remodeled three Yukons over the past twenty years.
We are not allowed to post our email address here, but if you search the internet I can possibly be found under Yukon Delta or myfunboat at yahoo .com

I have pictures of my redesign of my 31 3/4 Yukon with the extended deck and I have spent years collecting and restoring original Yukon literature, brochures, pictures. My wife says I spend too much time on trying to find and piece together these paper goods.

I always say, look around your Yukon or call the former owner to see if they have any old brochures. I found one torn brochure brochure in my 25 3/4 1973 Yukon.

It helped me complete a brochure I waited 9 years for the pieces to use my Paintshop Pro program to make it presentable. It is fun to research and talk to the family who attempted putting the company back together...but a terrible plant fire put a stop to it.

Please get in touch with me if you have any paper goods. I even have the 5 operating pages that went to the new owners back in the 60's

1986 Yukon Delta 28'
by: Shawn Ray

Greg Phillips, I would very much like to contact you about these great little boats. Thanks in advance.

Remodel the Houseboat
by: Anonymous

I'm need to totally remodel mine. Tell me where I should start and go about doing it.

Still leaking.... 77 Yukon 55 Homelite
by: Wisco Dave

After 1000 of glass and resin the inner haul, she is still leaking... I can not find the leak(s)

Do you guys any suggestions? Anything?

Thank you

Danger of flipping/roll over
by: Anonymous

Robert, could you please give more information on the roll overs you saw? Were the boats in a strong wind or current or overloaded on top? Do you know the size of the Yukons that flipped over?

We are in the process of rebuilding a Yukon Delta and want to know as much as possible to keep our investment and us safe.

Danger of flipping/role over
by: Robert

About the Yukon Delta camper/houseboat, these vessels were very popular but had a serious stability issue when at anchor. As a pilot in the California Delta for over 25 years, I saw many and salvaged five of them for a rental yard.

Yukon literature and roof
by: Greg Phillips

It appears that when I typed in the your name are, it put me in the category of anonymous.
But...I am Greg Phillips

Yukon specification page
by: Anonymous

To the person called anonymous...

I haven't received the specification page on the Yukon. I am always looking for information that I don't have in my collection...and many times, even though you might think torn or missing pages make it useless...I might just have other parts to make it complete again.

Roof thickness
by: Anonymous

The roof consists of a very thin (less than 1/3') aluminum sheet with a 1/4" leweolen type mahogany plywood...followed by 1" foam in 2 ft squares in between 3/4' wood struts spanning the woof about every two feet.

In some models they had another leweolen plywood decorated with a wallpaper-like ceiling cover.

As you remove all of this... to replace same...it will scare the hell out of you, that you allowed your family topside. Many friends of mine ripped it off and used 3/4" plywood then resin coated it
and had the leading edge with an overhang of 1 to 2 inches.

A 1978 32 foot Yukon Delta is a very nice boat
by: Hulk Bill

So nice to see you all and this information, as I just love the looks and feel of the boat. It's a little shaky in big water, my issue is I would like to put a diesel motor as I like to travel long distance but as I have seen some for sale.

I do have dry rot in the interior floor but will wait on that till the following summer, but I am going to put a roof on. I am 3000 miles from the boat in Hawaii for the winter, but does anybody know how thick the plywood is on the roof.

As they are a rare boat, and I'm going to save mine, got to love the looks of the newer boats like the 1982 Yukons, as the boat hauls ass and will stay up on plane at 3000 rpm.

All my best, and hope spring comes early.

HulK Bill on the Filthy oar

The Delta Deal
by: Martha

I just recently acquired a Yukon Delta houseboat, completely gutted, patched in places, see-thru roofing, and semi-insulated.

All this with no motor or even an existence of a steering unit, but all for the very low price of state registration & licensing fees…only!!

But HEY....she floats!! And she's looking cuter everyday I spend cleaning her up and fixing her up. I cannot wait to experience her when she's back to good again.

Meanwhile, we still enjoy watching the sun set together , I sitting Indian style on her bow, feeling my dreams turning into reality.........PRICELESS!

Bougham bridger
by: Scott

I wonder how long the Yukon is? They were made by Bill Mills in Illinois as far as I know. The 25ft to the 31ft Sun Cruiser were the biggest models.

I found the "bridger" sitting on a trailer that was For Sale and said look at that ugly boat, than once I got under it I said I'm taking you home to fix you.

The bridger is a 26ft patio boat with one large window in front, and three big windows on side. It has tinted sliding doors, on the side tinted also, with a bathroom, stove, and sink.

it had the pattle kit with 4cycle lawnmower engine. I think the outboards were 140 HP Johnsons. I'm working on it right now.

It is cool with a progressive tri-hull deckboat and working back hull. Will post pic some time they all have the same front hull and back hull just longer in between hulls.


Yukon Brochures and spec pages
by: Anonymous

The specification page shows the 25ft, the 26ft, and 31 ft.
Please let us know how to contact you outside of this comment box.

Yukon Delta
by: Anonymous

Greg, I hope you can use one of theses brochures. The boat in the brochure looks rather different than our 1976 Yukon Delta. They people in the ad are ridiculous -looking with their perfectly-coiffed hair and bikinis.

yukon delta
by: Dick Byrne

This was the worst boat I ever owned. The transom rotted where the volvo fitted thru for this I/O. The floor rotted. I loved the design but sold it as it was not worth the repairs.

That 1976 Volvo had problems too. I learned never to buy an I/O and upgraded to a Chris Craft complete inboard. No rot on the new (1984 Chris).

Yukon went out of business and the boss refused calls to avoid the many claims. Thanks for the many memories of that model. God Bless.

Yukon brochures
by: Greg Phiillips

The 25 Yukon is actually a 25 3/4 according to
factory information. Thus many round it to 26.
I will email you and we'll see what is out there.

I hope this is a new brochure for my collection.
As I've said for many years...I'm always looking
for complete or even partials so that I can
restore some I have.

Need brochure
by: Ve

Greg, we bought a 1976 Yukon delta 26 foot last year. It came with 4 color brochures but they are for the 25 foot outboard model. If you have the 26 foot brochure we would trade for your 25 foot brochure. We are restoring it and hope to have it ready by spring.

Looking for a Yukon Delta
by: Charles blaker

I had the franchise to sell these back in the early 1970s and I love it as it is the only camper that you could camp on land and or water and go anywhere but the ocean. I would like to find one for sale in good shape.

If you have one for sale or know of one that is. I'm retired and now have time to go camping. I love to take to the big lakes and I would camp in the campground at night or on the water.


1980 Yukon Delta houseboat
by: Anonymous

We just purchased a 1980 Yukon Delta and would like to find out more about the boat. Is there a club or online group for Yukon Delta owners?

1980 YD Molly Brown
by: Kurtis

Hello, I have a 1980 Yukon and it's the Molly Brown, although not a houseboat which most of the information I find is on. This is pretty much a cuddy cabin version.

Does anyone have any information or have one of these. Can't seem to find any information. I'm thinking of either rebuilding or scrapping it.

My first houseboat experiences
by: tom

I am in the process of buying this I think a 1974 24 foot Yukon Delta for $500. It is in need of a transom rebuild which I am going to attempt myself.

The boat does not have a motor on it but by the time I get it river ready it all should come together.

I am not at all well off but the labor of love is what keeps me going and I am glad to hear that there are a lot of good things about this boat project which will continue to drive me.

I know when I do get it done maybe years from now I will be proud of it. I live moments away from the Swanee River, I just cannot wait to take her out.

I am disabled and so is my girlfriend so we will do what we can together as we do not really have any friends as we are pretty much isolated out here but I guess that's ok.

We have a couple of cats that wandered up here that are now our pets and I am sure they would love to go fishing with us and "cannot be done" is not in my vocabulary.

I have read that some of the people might be having some building issues and as I get to those issues I will write notes and take pictures of our progress.

I am going to try to tackle the transom and floor first then onto the cabin, please bear with me as my health and money are low but I will get her done and hopefully be able to, and be happy to answer any questions about how to's.

I'm new with boats but I can repair just about anything and I am not a quitter. And to the great man that has put together the brochures and literature on my size of boat could you please send me a email of that info to maybe aid me in the repairs.

I am an originalist type of person. I see it's getting rare anymore and anybody that has ideas or items that would help please tell me. Thank you for this site and to the people. Tom

Houseboat Projects - my 74 Yukon Delta love affair
by: Notswift

I own a 1974 25' Delta Yukon. Pictures of her afloat and trailered in 2009 can be found on my site - www.wonway.biz/Welcome/?page_id=5 (copy and paste link).

In 2010 I began a full investigation into the depth of her cabin rot. Not a pretty picture. Most of the wood framing being soft and infested with big black ants, the foam insulation glued to the back of the aluminum panels to fill in the cavities created by the wood framing had become part to the ant colony. It reminds me of the ant farm I had as a kid!

The floor in the aft cabin area are soft and in need of replacement. Water pools in the rear kitchen area and seems to have no place to drain to. The floor foreward and in the outside rear deck area seems to be solid.

The hull - I did not open the floor to have a look last year - but - I am expecting rot and some intensive labor needed to remove the old wood and fiberglass new wood back in.

Since I am a typical under-financed and overly busy American this project, the resurrection of my 74 YD may take years - but, she is a project well worth the task.

Just the couple of times I was able to sail her was enough to convince me that there was a place on some body of federal waters (one of the few places you can actually sleep on your boat overnight) where a guy could live on his paltry retirement money, fish, entertain, explore, and enjoy life adrift in adventure.

Houseboat History - the Yukon Delta travel trailer
by: Greg Phillips

As of April 2011, I found out that Yukon Delta started out as a travel trailer company. The earliest date found was 1955. If you type Yukon Delta travel trailer in a search engine, a couple of old eBay ads for the trailers come up, but little else. Yes, they were made in Elkhart Indiana. Greg

Some Houseboat Problems - Yukon and dry rot
by: Greg Phillips

below, I have written some information that I find very important to pass on.

Unfortunately the upper 4 corners...over time and jarring around from travel on water and trailer loosens the old hardened water resistant caulking. You will notice a softness in the lower corners just above the hull attachment to the upper box.

Hopefully you don't have this dry rot problem, but I thought I would mention it.

Water travels on the slope set by your trailer hitch crank...people always prop the boat with a downgrade from bow to stern. The corners and along the walls, on pre-83 Yukons are 1 X 2's as supports about every 2 feet. Look at the attachment, and you can see how the fiberglass hull supports the paultry 1 X 2s

One way I have tested for rot is to take an ice pick and jab it into the corner one inch above the hull and into the 7 inch gold decorative alluminum, right next to the corner strip supports. If you do this, you will find (99% of the time) dry rot in the lower punched hole because it just flows in without resistance. While moving up along this corner, you will feel wood.

You can also do this on the inside, where you can probably refil and paint easier. Sometimes, you can tap against same with a small hammer or screw driver and hear the difference.

I have attached a couple of pictures showing a 25 foot interior with the walls off. On my 32 footer, I have not removed the panelling and as such, would hope that the wood supports are universally placed on all Yukons.

Then all I would need to do is cut out a 2 X 3" section at each dry rot juncture and then only this portion would have a plugged appearance and no massive redo. I found a special replica saw of the one advertised on TV, called Fein(very expensive), it works by vibration... and can be advanced into the desired area without angle problems. Harbor Freight tools has that for $30.00.

Many people have bought the black rubber linner used to make outside water ponds from home depot and laid it on the roof, then sealed all the way around. Others found an aluminum rolled sheeting and did the same.

The lip I mentioned in my write up was concerning the way in which the fiberglass hull was made to allow the box/cabin to sit on this interior set protruding lip. It might be hard to understand, until you look at the pictures.

Because the lip has a concave troth that this box rests on, any water travels along this path and pools at the aft portion of the box corner.

Greg in Northern California

Favorite Houseboats - we love our Yukon Delta!
by: McSissco

We found our houseboat some 13 years ago and restored it. It has served our family very well on Lake of the Woods - it's amazing; it's a floating cottage; a boat; a barge; a home; a camp; a safe haven; a touring boat; a cruising boat; a sleeping boat; a party boat; a humble boat; a friendly boat; and we can't bear the thought to part with her, but the time has come! She will live on; she is strong and she is awesome - best boat ever - "SKOL"!

Bought a Yukon Delta, any original plans
by: jerry caskey

Just bought a Yukon Delta houseboat for $400.00, with a trailer, the outside looks great but the inside is the pits. The previous owner replaced the floor with particle board and needless to say it is so soggy it is a shame.

Now considering he was a great carpenter, the woodwork (walls, counters, and cabinets are outstanding) however I am old and disabled and just can get around, but have already gutted this thing with the idea of returning it to its original condition.

My problem is I can't find a site to see or to show me the original floor plan or options that was offered, if some can point me in the right direction, I sure would be thankful... Jerrell

My 1974 Yukon Delta houseboat
by: notswift

Glad I found this thread. I am at the crossroads with my Yukon Delta - either fix it or get rid of it! It could just stay the way it is, but it is too cool of a boat to leave it as it is.

Yukon delta houseboat rebuild
by: Greg Phillips

This is a site of a Yukon Delta owner who took it down to the hull and started over. A very nice job...


Yukon literature collector

Info on Yukon Delta houseboats
by: crawdord

We just bought a 29 ft Yukon Delta with a 4 cylinder volvo penta engine. It has a flydeck. The boat was completely stripped on the inside. The man we bought it from gave us the windows and patio door out of it.

We are going to redo it. Does anyone no what the insides design was on these houseboats, and the weight limit also. Thank you for any help you can give us. Crawford

I love my Yukon Delta houseboat
by: bill howard

I have had my Yukon Delta for around 26 years, and have had very little trouble with the boat, in the winter it's a really warm boat, easy to heat, in the summer it cools easy to, just an all around good family houseboat. It's worth its weight in dollars.

No one knows these houseboats in Arizona except a few
and they will not sale theirs. If you get the chance to buy one go for it, you will not be disappointed.

Bill from Pheonix AR, good sailing.

Facebook Yukon Delta houseboat restoration project?
by: Anonymous

There does not seem to be any project on facebook as mentioned by F Hueston. Has anyone else been successful in finding this page? I am looking for restoration photos of a 79 Yukon Delta or and other info on this type of boat.

Richard in Vegas

restored a Yukon houseboat
by: Anonymous

Just restored our 1981, 25 foot Yukon delta houseboat. Have the whole restoration project on my facebook page facebook/fhueston

My yet unknown Yukon Delta
by: Manuel

Hi my names Manuel, I just bought my Yukon Delta, don't know much about it, but can't wait to take it to the river next July. It needs a lot of work, it has been sitting for three years.

There's a lot of wood rot, the hull is ok, the engine needs only a tune-up, and in great condition. I could use all the help I can get tips etc..


Just bought a Yukon Delta
by: Mike

I myself just purchased a 77 Yukon Delta houseboat with a 270 Volvo Penta. The previous owner added a flying bridge to this one. I have always been into older things. It is in decent shape, needs work to get it looking good again. But I look forward to the challenge.

I'm a first time owner, and have little to none marine repair experience, but with sites like these I'll be able to accomplish the job.

1977 Yukon Delta Houseboat
by: Andrew Metcalf

I own a 1977 Yukon Delta houseboat that I bought it in Missouri and this boat can be seen on Lake Of The Ozarks. It has a 4 cylinder Volvo Penta Engine with a 270 Outdrive.

I like this houseboat and I will proably never get rid of it, it is such a unique boat. After reading some comments I know alot more about my houseboat. It's a 26 feet houseboat that I am going to fix up and drive, they ride very good.

Anyone want to see it let me know I have all kinds of pictures of what it looks like right know.

Very nice boat.
by: randy

My father purchased one in a bank repo in Stocton, CA. I remember pulling this huge 32 foot monster with 69 Buick Electra.

This 1985 houseboat had chevy 350 volvo-penta drive, and we kept it at the Sacramento Delta. Good Memories..

Yukon Delta houseboat history
by: Greg Phillips

There were Yukons ranging in size from 23 feet to 38
feet. I have 2 in my collection. I sold my 3rd that was 23 feet in length. 25 3/4 and 31 3/4. No I did not make up the 3/4...it is on the black and white brochure pages I have in my collection.

Francis and Bud Mills owned the co. he died in 2002 and the son wanted to restart the company, but nothing came of it.
The last Yukon built, that I know of, was 1992.

If you are interested I have the largest known collection of Yukon Delta sales brochures and instruction sheets. A lot of work went into restoring torn, missing sections, water destroyed and worn areas (3 to make one good brochure), with many hours of work until they are a nicely presented work.

Greg Phillips

New YD owner
by: Poyjas

Just bought an 1981 YD 26' with the Volvo 270 inboard. Lots of work ahead but looking forward to jumping in. Looks like a great site here. The boat is new to the Pacific NW, came from AZ a few months back I understand.

1986 Yukon Delta 28' Houseboat
by: Shawn Ray

Dear Yukon Delta enthusiast, would like to find out any and all information relating to this brand and particularly this model.

Recently became the new caretakers of this magnificent little camping, party, get away from the rat race beauty. Did not come with any information regarding the boat.

This one is equipped with a Johnson outboard 115 Hp. There is a complete shop manual on the Johnson including the bow mount.

Also we where blessed to have the trailer included. This model on trailer was so well balanced that the lounge weight was very light.

I had a 500# tractor front weight that spanned the Y-frame tongue. This helped the tow ability, and stopped the wind porpoising at 45+ mph.

Would love too see some pics of these boats, as I am a retired carpenter, if I see it can usually build it. Thanks Shawn Ray

Yukon Delta Houseboats
by: Lowell McAllister

My wife and I own a 1975 Yukon Delta Houseboat. It has been a great boat for us for the last 10 years. We run it on the St. Lawrence and Oswegatchie Rivers and sometimes on Black Lake, all in Northern New York.

I believe the 25 footers like mine often came with a Fisher Pierce Bearcat, 55 hp, 4 cycle outboard. This is the old Crosley automobile engine turned up and placed on an outboard shaft. They are great motors and push the Yukon Delta along at 10 mph.

Our boat has always had water appear in the back porch area, seeping into the kitchen area. I can't seem to correct it so I just use a bilge pump and pump it out regularly. I used to think it was rain but sometimes it appears during dry periods.

It is a very stable old boat, comfortable to sleep in and fun to swim from. Not easy to load in the wind and not fast when trailering. I have never stayed in it on land in a campground but it surely was made to do so.

If anyone needs a motor or has questions, contact me. I have too many boats. If someone wanted her that understood both her good features and her shortcomings and would appreciate her, we would probably sell her.

I moved her up from the Finger Lakes a decade ago but that is probably as far as you would want to trailer the boat. Thank You,

Lowell McAllister

Rebuilding of a 1973, 25 ft Yukon Delta houseboat
by: Bob Moulton

John, I'm in the process of rebuilding a "73" 25' Yukon Delta. My boat was last in the water in "05" in Maine. When I got it I didn't think it was in real bad shape, but I wound up gutting the cabin and replacing the floor.

I have just come in from working on the floor on the back deck. As soon as that is done we plan to float it for the first time and check out the engine.We have great plans for it. Bob.

26 ft 1975 yukon delta
by: warren

Looking for any info on this boat, just bought it and looking to redo interior and roof.

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