Photo's of Steel and Fiberglass Whitcraft Houseboats

by Robert

Photo's of steel and a fiberglass Whitcraft houseboat.

Photo's of steel and a fiberglass Whitcraft houseboat.

I'm looking at steel or fiberglass Whitcraft houseboats, and wondering if someone can send me a picture(s) of a 30 foot, 1969 Whitcraft houseboat?
I would be forever grateful.

Thanks! Robert

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Well Robert, the photos above (that I posted) are a steel and fiberglass Whitcraft houseboats, from @ late 60's and early 70's, if my memory serves me correctly. Maybe these photo's can help you.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share, post comments or pictures about their steel or fiberglass Whitcraft houseboat experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Photo's of Steel and Fiberglass Whitcraft Houseboats

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Info on 1970 39 ft Whitcraft
by: Steve Park

I have purchased and begun the restoration of what I believe to be a 1970, 39', Whitcraft boat. I know it is a Whitcraft, clearly marked with the logo on both sides.

I am just trying to verify its year of build. I have gotten the Certificate of Documentation in my name now, but the original COD, was blank on year of build and location of build.

I am trying to locate verifying proof of both facts so I can have the COD corrected. Also if anyone wants to discuss the boat, I am eager to chat.


I am reworking a 71 Whitcraft
by: Whitcraft 71 45 footer

If anyone knows the exact factory color paint that this model came in. I've heard Cream, hatteras off-white and hatteras off-white 1990,

1973, 36 foot whitcraft
by: Darnelle Kielhamer

I just inherited this boat, non running, livable, controls have been removed. Anyone have an idea of what I should ask for selling price.

Due to my uncle's passing I am not able to continue paying moorage. Any leads would be great. All 3 motors are there, cables and other items. Needs makeover bit it's solid with custom cabinets.

Thank you, Ballard Washington

Steel or fiberglass Whitcraft houseboat
by: sea spray

Hi Robert, I own a Whitcraft 36 fiberglass and just bought it, and so far I love it. I almost bought a steel one, but later found out my marina does not take steel hulls.

My advice would be to find out what your area will allow it.

PS: would love any input from other Whitcraft owners.

Facebook page
by: Capt Gary

Hey Guys & Gals,
The new Facebook page is Whitcraft Houseboat Owners Group. All are welcome aboard.

Whitcraft group
by: Captain Gary

Hey Guys and Gals, let's move forward on starting a Whitcraft Owners Group. I have a 1971 45' Whitcraft and hope to cruise it through the Great American Loop. Currently docked in Paris, TN.

I'm going to start a Whitcraft Facebook page as a start. Any input and suggestions welcome, let's do this.

Whitcraft 36ft 1971
by: Jim

I just recently bought a 36ft Whitcraft and am looking for original manual. She is on the Chesapeake right now, and I'm looking to ship her to Sarasota, FL.

Does anyone know any large boat haulers?

Thanks, Jim

Questions about Whitcraft Houseboats
by: Rick Whittaker

My father, Dick built Whitcraft Houeboats. If anyone has any questions, I will be happy to answer any questions about Whitcraft.

Rick Whittaker.

1972 45' Whitcraft
by: Anonymous

I am in the process of purchasing a 45' 1972 Whitcraft. But it doesn't look like all the others I have seen pictures of. Does anyone know where to find the oringinal manufacture's drawings.


New cost of 1964 32' Whitcraft Houseboat
by: Eric

I need to find the price of a 1964 32' Whitcraft Houseboat when new in 1964 so I can get my houseboat registered when I get her home.

It seems that the state of Indiana BMV needs the cost new to put into the computer so it can figure out what to charge for the watercraft registration etc.

I will continue to look but if anyone has a good idea on this figure please me know. Thank you very much for your time and consideration in this matter.

Houseboat Restoration - a 36' Whitcraft owner
by: PeninsulaPaul

I am restsoring a 1969 36' Whitcraft. She has been grossly neglected but has HUGE potential to be a gorgeous boat one day. I hope to make it my second residence.

I live in Port Angeles, WA. She is in drydock right now. I would love to get any information on getting schematics and parts.

We'll miss our WhitCraft houseboat
by: James Murphy

Our Whit Craft houseboat is being sold soon in Stockton CA. She will be greatly missed by us. She is in dry dock now and has had much new steel put on her keel and bow.

She will have a new owner soon who I pray shall finish the dry dock and put her back on the Delta here. She has twin Chryslers and a 4kw Kohler in between them, and they are all operational.

Her name is Glory and she shall be greatly missed by us, fair well Glory and thank you!

Houseboat Propellors - finding the right boat props
by: Tom Dougherty

I own a 1970 Whitcraft 36 ft twin chev v8 270 hp with twin stern drives speedmasters. My problem is finding the right prop size. Currently I have 20x18 with a pitch of 19.

This will not allow the motor to hit over 2400 rpms.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You, TJD

Houseboat Specs - a 1967 Whitcraft
by: JT Murphy

On the title it says 38' however she seems a little longer? She now has twin m225 slant six chryslers with two volvo's aquamatic 200s as main propulsion mounted to the transom.

She is in dry dock now waiting for me to finish the job!! I need the original specs on the hull design do anybody know were to find them please let me know. God bless. jtm

Houseboat Club - let's get a club going!
by: Scott

Count me in. I have a 1971/72 45', and am slowly getting her back into shape. I purchased the original sales brochere on ebay, pretty cool (pretty pricy too) and I also picked up a magazine ad for a 1972 50'.

The ad confirms that both hulls were designed by Jim Wynn and built alongside Hatteras Yachts by North American Rockwell. The ad also confirms that pink and white mens jackets and shag carpeting were very cool!
I will try to upload these asap.

FYI.... Slightly off topic, but I have a COMPLETE SET of original curtains with rods from my 45. All are in excellent condition, washed and packed away. Really want to help get the Whitcraft owners site going. Merry Christmas.

Houseboat Pictures - photo of a 45ft Whitcraft
by: capnron

I have a 45ft 1972 Whitcraft coastal houseboat and it doesn't look quite like either of the pictures. My wife and I both love the boat. Maybe there are enough of us out there to get a group going.

Classic Houseboats - 1972 Whitcraft 45' hull #48 "Ruthie"
by: Houseboat Bob

Just purchased a beautiful 45 ft 1972 Whitcraft houseboat and I am surprised that I can not find an owners organization similar to Mike's River Queen Owners who have a great blog and share info on their rehab projects.

Does anyone know if such a Whitcraft group exists. If not we should all get together and form a Whitcraft blog. Ruthie's original owner left a file on board of almost every piece of paper concerning the boat from 1972 to 2007. Great Guy!

Loving steel houseboats...
by: Anonymous

My adventure started five years ago with a 1961 Whitcraft 36 ft. houseboat. WOW this tug is very well built and still holds its own.
We converted to outboards and is the way to go.

De tugs bow has been removed to allow for a huge deck. This treasure is the best thing in my families life. Best summers ever since we have owned a Whitcraft. Thanks to the craftmanship of great boat builders.


Moving my 34 ft Whitcraft houseboat
by: Steve

I am moving my 10ft X 34 ft Whitcraft from the lake where it's been moored for the last 10 years. Does anyone know how much this vessel weighs? I'm guessing around 15,000 lbs just based on what my old chevy truck weighed and using a lot of kentucky windage.

I'm interested to know if there are points that can be loaded and other points that should not be loaded as it sits on a trailer. There appears to be two points on the bow at each corner that look like they were designed to take the boat's weight. Any information about this would be appreciated.

The town of Whitcraft houseboats, Winona, MN
by: Anonymous

I happen to live in the home town of Whitcraft, Winona, MN. I have also owned a 1962 32ft as my first houseboat. We have many steel and fiberglass models around the area, let me know if I can do anything to help.

1969 steel hull houseboat
by: Chris

Just bought a 1969 30' steel hull Whitcraft houseboat, needs work but a nice boat overall.

1963 Whitcraft houseboat
by: Anonymous

1963 36ft Whitcraft houseboat, I put twin 250 horse outboard motors on her. She will haul butt, pictures and comments if you want them.

If you put outboard motors on your houseboat, you will NEVER go back to anything else.

steel and fiberglass whitcraft houseboats
by: d. glisson

Hi there, we have a 1972, 49'6" Whitcraft we have been refurbishing for a year and a half. We like it a lot, the boat came with owners manuals except the one of the original lay out.

Would be interested in that if any one has one. We are converting our boat over to electric engines with solar and wind power, no gas at all.

Photo of Whitcraft
by: Captain Mark

Robert, the photo on the top right hand side of your webpage, the one of the Whitcraft with tinted windows, is my boat. I was curious as to where the picture was taken and if you could send me a copy of it. My email address is (

By the way, I am also selling the boat. After an enjoyable 5 years, it breaks my heart to sell her, but I have moved across the country and unable to take her with me.

The boat is located in Beaconsfield Quebec, if anyone is interested or would like further details, please contact me at the above email address.

Cheers, Mark

Reply - Answer
Mark, if you're selling your houseboat, you should use our free Houseboat Classifieds for private sellers.

IAN from

45' Whitcraft
by: Anonymous

Hi Robert - If you go to you will find pictures of my 45' Whitcraft houseboat that is for sale. These were some of the best and strongest boats ever built.

They provide the space and comfort of a houseboat and the speed and performance of a pointy boat. Their claim to fame in 1971 was that it was the only house boat that you can water ski behind. The hull design is fast and fuel efficient.

I was cruising on the St. Croix River last summer along with a 36 Cruisers and noticed that at the same speed he was producing quite a wake while we had almost none. I asked him on the radio how many RPM's he was turning and he said 1800. We were only turning 1100 to go the same speed.

If you get the opportunity to own one, you will find that you own one of the best houseboats ever built.

Whitcraft introduced me to houseboating.
by: Chris Moore

In the early 80's my spouse & I were camping along the upper Mississippi in our 18' SeaRay, when we pulled into Skipper Bud's in Prairie Du Chein, WI. There was a lovely old steel hull 36' Whitcraft, powered by a 150 horse Mercury O/B. We looked at it, made an offer and it was ours.

The maiden voyage (for me & a buddy) was from Prairie down to E. Dubuque. We ran out of gas and were "stranded" with a fridge full of food/bevs & a deck of cards. After we made payphone contact (no cells/no VHF) with my spouse who was home with the family, we toughed it out that night.

We've been through many boats since, but the memories made on that Whitcraft remain the foundation of our love of boating. In July 1988, we took it several hundred miles down the Mississippi when we moved south. We watched small town parades & fireworks from the river and suffered the heat (no air on this old gal), still it planted the seeds which remain vital today.

We've got a big HarborMaster now, with all the comforts of home, but it was that old Whitcraft that started everything.

Enjoy, JCM.

Reply - Answer
Well JCM, welcome to the houseboat forums, and thank you for sharing with us your introduction to houseboating story. It made me think of some of our maiden voyages also :)

IAN from

Whitcraft houseboat for sale
by: Russell

How do I send a picture of one on the upper Chesapeake? Asking price was $5,900 neg. It needed considerable work but seemed solid. I have a picture or two of it but can't figure out how to post it here. Thanks, Russell.

If you go directly to you will find the Whitcraft for sale there. Russell.

correction re: Whitcraft Houseboats
by: Bob jensen

I wanted to correct myself on my previous comments on Whitcraft Houseboats. The boat they made is actually a 39 footer, not a 40 footer. My 39ft model is powered by twin 318 Chryslers with v-drives and really gets up and goes !

Whitcraft Houseboats
by: Bob Jensen

Robert, I'm the proud new owner of a 1970 40ft Whitcraft houseboat. It is like the one pictured above on the right.

To my knowledge they made a 36 footer, and a 40 footer in 1969. They were fiberglass by that time.

I had a complete marine survey done on it, and it checked out really well. I believe they are some of the best of that vintage.

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