Cheap Project Houseboats - any deals on salvage, repos, insurance claims, fire damage, or house boat auctions?

by Jeff
(Boulder, Co)

Any cheap deals on auction project salvage houseboats?

Any cheap deals on auction project salvage houseboats?

Looking at cheap project style houseboats, and like to find any deals on salvage house boats, fire damage, auctions, bank repossessed, or insurance loss claims?

I would like to buy a salvaged houseboat from an insurance lot, possible a sunken house boat, or a burn out fire damaged one.

Where do I start to search for these project boats?

I'm an out of work remodeling contractor, and this would help me out.

Thanks, Jeff

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Well Jeff, sorry to hear about your situation, and hope that you find work soon.

When it comes to finding a cheap project houseboat for you, I am sure that you will find something here. On a positive note, I am a firm believer of the idea that, when YOU look, YOU find!

In todays tough economic times, everybody likes to get a good deal, or to find a bargain on a cheap well priced houseboat. However if you're looking for a bank repossessed, insurance loss, seized, fire damaged, sunken, or a boat that has made it through a storm hurricane and needs work, than we will find this is for you.

The savings on project houseboats can be substantial, yet you have to consider your time, tools, energy, space, and your skill and the expertise needed in getting a houseboat back into shape. They're cheap and inexpensive, but you do have to calculate the time, effort, equipment, and materials involved.

So you've decided that you're looking for a bargain, here are some of the places to find repossessed, insurance, seized, or auctions on houseboats, you can try the following places to find the right boat for you!

The easiest most renowned place has to be eBay for houseboat auctions. They generally have many houseboats available at any one time, and in a wide range of areas and prices.

Here's a few places you can try that have some occasional houseboats:

If you're looking for Government Auctions, there's good places for government auctions on boats, cars, homes etc... Some websites have a one-time fee to become member, however you'll agree it's well worth it, considering the time and money saved.

You can also try our own Houseboat Classifieds to see what is available, as we are now getting more and more members listing their boats with us for free.

If you do buy a great houseboat, do take some pictures and share your experience with us here. There's many of our readers that will be interested in what you have to say.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their project salvage houseboats, or repo auction experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

If you're still looking for information, you can try our search function, found at the bottom of the left Nav bar.

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Comments for Cheap Project Houseboats - any deals on salvage, repos, insurance claims, fire damage, or house boat auctions?

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Looking for fixer upper
by: Joe

I'm looking for a fixer upper I'd like it to be 75 feet by 18 are even bigger the bigger the better. I don't care what condition it's in, even willing to buy repo.

My wife and I really want a houseboat really bad, anybody that knows anything please let us know.

Thank you and God bless

Flood damaged boats
by: david atl.

I'm seeing tons of boats up north, marked flood damage, does this always kill the motors?

Can you fix by short blocking? Or disassembling and cleaning? Thank's for any info.

Trade: cruiser or houseboat for "Beach Vacation"
by: Anonymous

I own a vacation resort right next to US #1 voted beach in the nation "Siesta Key" in Florida on the west coast. We are looking for a cruiser where we could sleep and cook on. Interior not important since we will refurbish. Needs to be in a water tight condition.

Houseboat for local Yacht Club in Chicago
by: Greg

Looking for 50-75' houseboat (project boat welcome) to be use for Yacht Club in Chicago area. We would need two levels, and the best will be empty with open space.

Thanks, Greg

How to get a deal on a houseboat (or powerboat)
by: Anonymous

Jeff, go to just about any marina, at least marinas where there are a lot of houseboats, and you will find most have liened boats for sale.

Some will auction them off and some will sell to you outright for approximately the back berthing due and expenses-anywhere from 4 or 5 hundred to 2 to 4 thousand.

Depending on how much of a project it is, some will be really good deals. You might get a boat for 2 thousand that with fixing up would be worth 50 to 100 k.

If it goes to an actual auction will probally pay a bit more but should still get a bargain. Where I live (the California delta) there's deals all over the place.

Hope this helps.

Found a Houseboat on Craigslist
by: MCBram2004

I was able to find a houseboat on Craigslist, I was looking for a cruising boat and did not even know or even think I wanted a houseboat, but I got it so cheap I could not pass it up.

Now my wife and I are remodeling, and learning every weekend. We are at Lake Okeechobee, FL. Just found this website and am going to use it, I am signing up for the newsletter. Mark

Houseboat Project - narrowboat buyer enquiry
by: Anonymous

My partner and I are looking for an insurance claim, burnt out or repossessed narrowboat particularly one that is low in price and needs some TLC, ideally a cruiser stern narrow boat for refurbishment project.

We are open to potential projects that come in from 45ft plus. We actually welcome internal and external work, this is not a problem, in fact we really want to do our own work on it. We would prefer to not be paying for a decent interior as we will be ripping this part out and changing it.

A few more details, preferable between 45 and 57ft if possible, all steel, cruiser stern, working engine (again preferable) preferably water tight, if not, do you have welding facilities on sight if the hull needs fixing?

Our budget is limited, we would prefer not to incur a
debt and the refurbishment project allows us to complete the boat as money comes in and a lower price allows us to buy it out right.

Thank you, Natasha Lolljee

Project houseboats for sale.
by: Anonymous

I have 2 project houseboats for sale in Hot Springs Arkansas,
the Nautaline is 14 by 43 fiberglass hull and will be worth about 30,000 when finished, and has 2 engines chevy 350's and no generator, and will fetch $6,000 as is.

The Somerset will be worth about $35,000 when finished, has 2 mercrusier engines and a generator. It is 14 by 54 steel hull
will take $10,000 as is. Kevin.

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Kevin, if you have a houseboat for sale, you can place a free ad on our Houseboat Classifieds.

IAN from

Houston area for houseboats
by: Summerdai

Please check out the Galveston/Houston area. There are boats everywhere leftover from IKE. Most are high and dry as a result of the storm surge.

Project houseboat!
by: Anonymous

I have a 44' Boatel that we are thinking of sending to the salvage yard ... I think it's just what you're looking for ... located in Bullfrog at Lake Powell .. Bill Eakins

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Bill, if you have a houseboat for sale, you can place a free ad on our Houseboat Classifieds.

IAN from

Cheap, Salvage, Repo Houseboats
by: Ann

You might want to check with your area's marinas. In these economic times, a lot of people are not able to keep up with their dock rent, let alone their house payments. They either end up giving the houseboat to the marina to pay off their bill or sell it for what is owed.

That's how I got my houseboat, the people were going through a divorce and no one wanted to pay the dock rental fee. A win/win for both of us. They were able to get out from under a growing debt fee and I was able to get my boat, Bob.

I know of several boats, just in my marina (Harbor Marina, Lake of the Ozarks) that are at risk of being repossessed by the marina because of missed dock payments. Good luck, Ann.

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Ann, that's a good tip, and glad to hear that you were able to pick up a great deal on your houseboat.

IAN from

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