Are Catamaran Houseboats called a
pontoon, a cruiser, or house-boats?

How to describe catamaran houseboats, it's a boat that consists of two, generally long narrow hulls joined together by a frame or mid-section. It's often made in a seamless mold which joins the two hulls together.

They have a wide beam that gives a very stable ride, efficient hulls, with good handling/docking characteristics, and handle best with dual engines.

Catamaran Houseboats
Front of a Catamaran & Trailer
Commonly Asked Questions
What Equipment on these?
The Pros & Cons about them
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* FAQ's on Catamaran Houseboats *

Catamaran Houseboat
With dual engines this wide apart, it allows for better pivoting and maneuvering.

  • What is the typical "size and weight" of catamaran houseboats?
    You will find that they weigh anywhere from 5,000-30,000 pounds, and range in length from 25ft-60ft, with 30-50ft being common and practical.

  • What "type of engines" do they have, single, twin, gas or diesel?
    Depending on size and manufacturer, you'll find either inboard-outboard (I/O), stern drives, or outboards. If possible, a dual engine installation is preferable for better handling/docking. You will find both, gas and diesel.

  • Who are the "manufacturers" of catamaran house boats?
    Some popular builders are PDQ Yachts, Catamaran Cruisers, Carri Craft.
    The common names are Vagabond, Aqua Cruiser, Aqua Lodge, Lil Hobo...

  • Are they good for "family getaways" to go swimming and fishing?
    Because of space, storage, and features, these are excellent to use for all kinds of boating activities for small families looking to travel and explore.

  • Are there Aluminum, Fiberglass, Steel or Wood models made?
    They manufacturer them from a variety of materials, and each material has its own benefits, and disadvantages. More info on construction materials.

  • Looking to buy, should you purchase a "New or Used" houseboat?
    That's a good question. It all depends on your plans, budget, goals, needs, and your free time to search for a boat. For more info on a New or Used.

  • It's you're first boat, is a catamaran cruiser a good choice?
    Good question, but if you looked at the "pros & cons list" you'll see that they are a very good model. If it's you're first boat, I would recommend you take a Power Squadron boating course, and find someone who can give you some hands-on training in handling, maneuvering and docking.

  • Hull Catamaran Houseboats
    Catamaran Houseboats are generally twin hull design, with a tunnel in between.

    What kind of Equipment & Features

    The Equipment & Features depends on whether it's a standard, luxury, or custom built model. The list below is a "typical" sampling of the basics that you would find onboard. The options available depend only on your budget.

    Catamaran Houseboat features

    The PROS & CONS of Catamarans.

    There's no such thing as a perfect boat, but some are close to perfection. The list is to help you get an overview of the benefits and disadvantages. If you sea-trial a catamaran cruiser houseboat, you may never go back.

    Hull gives smooth stable ride
    Twin hull design has less drag
    Less horsepower for hull speed
    Less horsepower = better MPG
    Dual engines = great handling
    Low maintenance fiberglass
    They steer & track very well

    Narrow dock slips are a problem
    Costlier transport due to beam
    Less popular than conventional

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