Thinking of building a house boat?
 Simple steps to make it happen!

The idea of building a house boat has been on your mind lately, and you must have plenty of questions about houseboat construction, floor plans, custom boat design, and so much more. But before we discuss houseboat plans, we need to cover some of the basics to help visualize the steps.

Building a House Boat
Houseboat plans like Trailerable, Pontoon, Catamaran, and Planning Hulls.

Simple Steps to Building a House Boat


  • Your Wants & Needs
    Decide what you Need, and
    Want, and Usage for the Boat.

  • What Design is Best
    How to Pick the best Design and
    get What you want and need

  • Pick the best Plans
    You know the Design, now
    you can Pick the Best Plans

  • House Boat Building
    A houseboat floor plan overview.

    What do you NEED, WANT, and USE it FOR!

    You're excited to start building a houseboat, and I can understand you. But first, take a moment to look at some important details to help you. By looking at your intended usage, your needs and your wants, you'll now be able to see what houseboat designs that are best suited for you.

    Your Needs:

    How many people?
    Sleeping quarters?
    Hot & Cold water?
    Fridge & Stove?
    Toilet & Shower?
    Navigation Lights
    Safety equipment
    VHF Marine radio

    Your Wants:

    Single or Twin engine?
    Front Bow thruster?
    Heating & Cooling?
    Flybridge on the Roof?
    Carry a Dinghy-Davits?
    Window fly screens?
    Toilet or Porta Potti?

    Your Usage:

    Fishing, Beaching, or ?
    Cruising & Traveling?
    Weekends & Holidays?
    Want to Liveaboard?
    Need "trailer ability"?
    Large family reunions?
    Docked at the marina?

    A list of some required safety equipment, and optional equipment.

    Life jackets, Lifebuoy rings, Anchors, Depth sounder, Dock lines, Fenders, Safety Flares, VHF Marine radio, GPS, Compass, AM/FM Stereo, Battery charger, Inverters, Generators, Fire extinguishers, Marine Charts, First Aid kit, Binoculars, Boating Course, and so on.

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    The "best" house boat design for you.

    What's the best houseboat design is a question that gets asked often.
    Every boat has different uses and advantages, and it's difficult to tell you whether a pontoon, trailerable, catamaran, barge style, or if a planning hull would be better. If you would like to get an overview, I would recommend reading our page on houseboat models and styles.

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    How & Where to find Houseboat Plans?

    You're interested in looking at some plans, to see if it's feasible to build that houseboat? You could get a Houseboat Manufacturer to draw you up some plans, but that would be too expensive. The best way is to get the "study prints" and review some of the house boat plans available here.

    Free, or almost free houseboat plans to help get you started.

    free Houseboat Plans

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    * Once you have decided to build a boat, you will be needing some building materials, marine parts, and technical building information.

    * Before you start building that boat you should also take a moment to watch some of the best "How To" videos on boat building.

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